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Direct Mail Promotions

Direct mail is a staple in most marketing campaigns. But, direct mail without a call to action usually ends up in the trash. Our direct mail promotions give you the best call to action known to man: the FREE chance to win a huge prize. With direct mail insurance, for a small fixed fee, you are able to run a risk-free promotion guaranteed to boost response rates.


Bar Coded Mailers

Increase response rates during your next direct mail campaign with a chance to score big by stopping by your event/location! Have your mail house sequentially bar code each mailer during the print process. Odds On will supply the necessary verification unit and preselect a potential winner or winners. If that person stops by and matches their bar code, they win the insured prize, and we write the check!



Bar Coded Mailer Contest


Key Mailers

This is a great promotion with a lot of excitement. Have your agency design a mailer with a real or make believe key enclosed inviting recipients to your showroom for a chance to win a new car. Once there, the key can either start the car or open a vault containing the keys to the car. If successful, your customer wins big. Paid for by Odds On, of course. We can also provide you with all the necessary promotional props to guarantee success!

Key Mailer Contest


Newspaper Inserts

Spice up your print advertising campaign with a chance to win big! Use a numbered insert and the chance to win a new car, truck or cash to lure customers to your location. Odds On will preselect a winning insert and if a lucky reader brings that preselected insert in during the redemption period, they'll drive home a winner.

Newspaper Insert Contest


Posted Number

Increase sales during your next direct mail campaign with a chance to win fabulous prizes just for visiting your store. Simply sequentially number each mailer during the print process. Odds On will preselect winning numbers to be posted at your location. When the lucky person with a winning number walks in, they'll go home a winner, you'll sell more, and Odds On will put the check in the mail.

Direct Mail Promotion



Lottery by Mail

Pack the house at specific times and/or keep them stopping by for days by simply incorporating a free $1,000,000 lottery ticket within your next direct mail piece. We will provide you with a unique set of six ball numbers for each mailer. Have your printer digitally insert them into your creative and promote the chance to win up to $1,000,000 just for stopping by your location or attending the live draw. Use our Deluxe Ball Draw Machine to create an exciting live draw event or keep your costs down by choosing our envelope drawing system. After the live draw, post the "Winning Numbers" on the wall and allow consumers to stop by and check their numbers or require them to attend the live draw in order to win. And as always, if your customer’s numbers match the numbers drawn, they win, and Odds On will pick up the tab! You can also award consolation prizes for matching fewer numbers. 

Explosions of Cash Zoom Ball

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