Casino Summer Promotion Ideas for 2016

Casino Summer Promotion Ideas - Prize WheelCasino Summer Promotion Ideas:
$100,000 Sizzling Hot Prize Wheel

Kick off your summer in sizzlin’ hot style with one of our casino summer promotion ideas, such as our Summer-themed Sizzlin’ Hot Super Prize Wheel! Qualify players in any manner you choose (joining your club, giving you their email address, winning a hand-paid jackpot, earning X points daily, scoring a suited Blackjack with a minimum bet, etc.) and invite them to return for your weekly drawings for a chance to spin & win up to $100,000—paid for by Odds On!

With every spin of the wheel, the mercury rises—bringing your player closer to their giant prize! If the temperature reaches the top, the lucky player will win your insured grand prize and Odds On will write the check! If not, they win a self-sponsored cash prize that is customized based upon your budget.

This “Sizzlin’ Hot Wheel” prize wheel features offers back-lit prize panels, a 40″ LCD display, LED lights, and a tidy 3′ W x 4′ D x 9′ H footprint.

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Casino Summer Promotion Ideas - Poker Punchout$100,000 Poker Punchout
Lucky Envelopes Promotion

Could your video poker or poker room revenues use a little boost? Then you’ll love our latest big prize Lucky Envelopes game, $100,000 Poker Punchout!

Here’s how it works. You’ll choose an eye-popping, attention-grabbing grand prize. Odds On will ship you a customized Poker Punchout Game Board and a set of Lucky Envelopes for every contestant, each filled with a dollar amount. Your player then punches three spots on the gameboard, removing the envelope. If the total amount of the three envelopes equals $100, your player will score $100,000 and Odds on will write the check.

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Casino Summer Promotion Ideas - Pro Football ChallengePro Football Challenge
Get a Jump on Fall

It’s Draft Week, which means the NFL season can’t be far behind!

If you’d like to to drive play and visits every day for seventeen weeks this fall, then it’s time you draft the ultimate “Pick the Pros” style promotion, Pro Football Challenge! Players get one free chance per day to pick the winners of the Sunday and Monday games and can earn bonus picks for earning points. Insurable up to $1,000,000 this game is available on a variety of kiosk platforms to suit any floor plan or budget. Looking to put your own spin on the ball? Ask about our custom College Football Challenge pick ’em game – another one of our favorite casino summer promotion ideas!

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Increasing Ups In Utah with the New Prize Vault

This March, an auto dealer will be driving traffic with Odds On’s new Prize Vault. The dealership will be giving the first 500 customers to visit their store the chance to win $50,000, paid for by Odds On.

Prize Vault

Customers simply enter their choice of five digits in an effort to crack the code and win the giant cash prize.

Interested in running your own traffic-driving Prize Vault Promotion this Spring?

Email or give us a call today at 888-827-2249.


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How a Texas Jewelry Store Boosted Sales With Snow …

For McFarlin’s Jewelry snowy weather and conditional rebate coverage lead to $100,000 in rebates and a very, very happy holiday season for dozens of shoppers!

Conditional Rebate Coverage Pays Off

It started last October 30, when McFarlin’s Jewelry posted a somewhat cryptic image on their Facebook page …

178403_10151405753842415_656628696_o (1)





Shortly after, it was announced that customers who made purchases during the specified promotional period would receive a 100% rebate if it snowed 1″ or more on Christmas Day. The ‘praying’ that the jeweler advertised about paid off, as dozens of customers ended up having a Holiday Pay Day when they received a 100% rebate on all jewelry purchased during the promotional period – all thanks to mother nature, and paid for by Odds On Promotions!

Are you a retailer looking to increase sales and traffic at your location? Interested in insuring a weather-based conditional rebate of your own? Whether you want to insure the promotion for if it reaches over 100 degrees on the 4th of July, x inches of snowfall on Christmas or New Year’s Day, or even a certain amount of rain on Easter Sunday, we’re here to help! Contact Odds On Promotions today at 888-827-2249 for a free, no-obligation quote!

Who knows… your customers could be the next to be awarded a 100% rebate on their purchases while you reap the rewards of awesome publicity, as well as not having to worry about assuming the risk!

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Casino Summer Floor Promotion: Beat The Heat eGame Board

casino summer floor promotion - beat the heatSizzlin’ Hot Summer Floor Promotion
Beat The Heat eGame Board

Reward your players with the chance to win amazing cash and prizes with Odds On’s sizzlin’ hot electronic Game Board promotion, Beat the Heat! Perfect for a summer floor promotion, qualified contestants select sun icons on the game board. With every correct pick, your player will advance closer to the top of the board winning bigger and bigger guaranteed prizes as they advance.

If a lucky player makes it to the top, they’ll break the thermometer and walk away with up to $1,000,000, paid for by Odds On! Beat The Heat is available on a variety of platforms from our convenient hand-held tablets to our eye-popping 80″ free-standing game boards.

For a free, no-obligation quote on your own casino summer floor promotion, please give us a call today at 888-827-2249, or use one of the links below for more information!

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Putting Contest Winner Nails 94-Foot Putt, Wins $10K

brian porter - putting contest winnerBuies Creek, N.C. — We have a new putting contest winner! At Campbell University, it’s not just the Men’s Golf Team that knows how to sink amazing putts.

This February, Brian Porter of Raleigh nailed an impressive 94-foot putt, winning himself $10,000, courtesy of Campbell University, and paid for by Odds On Promotions.

Porter, who was selected at random during a media time-out break, stated it had been months since he had played golf, and joked that he was, not only “Excited, but, really glad I didn’t have a heart attack”, after realizing that he had sunk the prize winning on-court putt.

Are you interested in giving your customers or fans the heart-pounding thrill of a lifetime? A big prize putt, whether at a golf tournament, store, event, or at your next basketball game, is always a big crowd pleaser.

For more information on running your own big-prize putting contest, email or give us a call today at 888-827-2249.

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