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Kiosk Promotions

Swipe & Win kiosk promotions have long since been a proven way to spice up your promotion calendar. Our new graphical kiosks and multi-dimensional games are guaranteed to excite your patrons and management alike. Add an insured prize up to $1,000,000 with our A+ Rated prize indemnification insurance and get ready for the busiest month of the year!



What You Get:

1. Increases Coin In

1. Complete Budget Control

2. Promotes Return Visits

2. Plug and Play Promotion

3. Increases Club Membership

3. Customized Graphics

4. Rewards Customers based on Theoretical Value

4. Comprehensive Reporting

5. Manage Comp and Ticket Distribution

5. Risk Free Jackpot


8' x 10' Super Kiosk
46" Screen

Prize Vault Super Kiosk

4' x 8' Deluxe Kiosk
Dual 27" Screens

Monster Cash Deluxe Kiosk

Countertop Lite Kiosk
15" Screen


Party Fever Lite Kiosk


Step by Step:


Customers simply swipe their club card once a day to receive a free play.


They are presented with a simple selection game that upon completion displays the prize (if applicable) they have won.


A printed ticket is issued in accordance with your game selection and promotion parameters.



Swipe, Play & Win

Three promotions in one! An instant win game. A collect and win game. And, weekly/monthly drawings. All geared to keep your customers entertained and coming back day after day!


  Swipe Play Win Game Library  


Video Scratch & Win

A virtual scratch card game that can be easily customized to fit any promotional theme.


  Video Scratch and Win Game Library  


The Big Draw

A lottery-style promotion complete with a live ball draw machine and prize redemption utility. Customers will pack the house nightly or weekly for the live draws in hopes of winning a life changing prize (insured by A+ Rated grand prize insurance).


  The Big Draw  

eMail Money Machine

A fast and easy email collection and validation promotion that will make building and managing your email database a snap while rewarding your players with a chance to win up to $100,000 - paid for by Odds On Promotions.


  e-Mail Money Machine  

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Party Fever Kiosk Promotion   Winning Wonderland Kiosk Promotion

Deluxe Kiosk Designs (click for more)


Prize Vault Kiosk Promotion   St. Patrick's Day Video Scratch and Win

Lite Kiosk Designs (click for more)


Valentine Video Scratch and Win   St. Patrick's Day Video Scratch and Win


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"Swipe, Play & Win did everything we were hoping it would do…In fact, our new accounts alone paid for all of the expenses associated with the promotion."

-Kelly Brant, Marketing Director

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