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Increase Your Sales Figures: Participate In Social Media!

Are you a company who’s still skeptical regarding the impact social media has on your sales figures?  Then some statistics from the Content Marketing Institute might just sway your opinion!

According to a Roundpeg survey of 243 small businesses, nearly 70 percent of small business owners successfully generate leads from social media.  Pretty interesting stuff, isn’t it?

Don’t let the inner workings of Social Media Marketing deter you from increasing your client base and generating more revenue for your company!  Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles are extremely easy to set up, putting you just 10-15 minutes away from increasing your sales, and making the kinds of connections you need in order to crush the competition in your industry!  For increased success, Odds On Promotions also offers Facebook promotions, and other forms of social media assistance, which can be custom-tailored to your specific company and its business needs.

Questions?  Comments?  Give our Internet Business Development Manager, Damien Anderson, a call at 800.504.9553 to see what Odds On can do to make the most of your social media presence and success!