Fishing Contest Winner Nets Over $350K With Record-Breaking Catch

Fishing Contest Winner

Biloxi, Miss. –- Congratulations go out to fishing contest winner Scott Cothran who won over $350,000 in cash and prizes, after he caught a record-breaking swordfish on the aptly named vessel, “Pay Dirt” during the 2017 Mississippi Gulf Coast Billfish Classic.

Cothran broke the Mississippi state record for largest swordfish when he landed a 242-pound, 8.64 ounce fish. The prior record was a 75-pounder caught in 2007.

In addition to winning $51,075 and a Petro Nissan pickup truck, Cothran scored a grand total of $325K, paid for by Odds On Promotions, in a Records, Rods and Reels (Calcutta) promotion ($100K for catching a record-breaking swordfish, $100K for being on a Freeman Vessel, $50K for using Hilton’s RT Nav, $25K for using March Tacky Carbon product, $25K for using a Poseidon Fishing Rod, and $25K for using Killer Bee product).

Cothran, director of marketing and sales for Freeman Boatworks in Charleston, S.C., said it took plenty of teamwork from all seven crew members aboard the boat, “Catching a fish that size takes a group effort,” he said. “I just happened to be the one on the rod at the time.”

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Tax Day Promotion Idea: EZ Money Lucky Envelopes

Tax Day Promotion - Lucky EnvelopesLooking for a Tax Day promotion for your business? Advertise the chance to win $10,400 this April with Odds On’s 1040 E-Z Money Lucky Envelopes game.

Register everyone who visits your business between now and April 15th. Then, invite everyone back to your final event where you will select a lucky contestant or two and give them the chance to select from a collection of Lucky Envelopes filled with different cash prizes.

If a lucky finalist can select the envelope or combination of envelopes that adds up to 1040, they’ll win $10,400 and Odds On Promotions will pay for the prize.

Need more Tax Day promotion ideas?

Need more ideas for a Tax Day promotion or another April promotion you’d like to insure? Give Odds On Promotions a call today at 888-827-2249 and we’ll help you craft the perfect contest that will help drive traffic and sales to your business location.

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Employee Appreciation Day: The Countdown Begins!

Employee Appreciation Day is March 2nd. What are you doing to show gratitude to your employees? How about giving them a chance to count down to big-prize payouts with one of these 5 Employee Appreciation Day promotions!

Need more time to secure prize insurance? Have a company-wide event occurring on a different date? No problem — these promotions can be insured any day of the year! After all, who says you have to wait until a designated day to show your employees how much you care and show off their accolades?

Ready to count down with us? Here we go…

Employee Appreciation Day Putting Contest5.) Employee Putt for Prizes
Whether indoor or outdoor, holding an insured prize putting contest at your company has never been easier, thanks to Odds On’s portable putting contest ramp! Select the format of the putting contest that best suits your needs and watch your employee(s) attempt to hole the putt. We typically recommend a 50-foot or longer putt in order to keep your cost down, but let us know if you had something else in mind!

Employee Appreciation Day Dice Roll4.) You Keep Us On a Roll
Thank your employees for keeping business goals on a roll with an insured prize dice roll contest with Odds On Promotions. Advertise the chance for them to win cash, a giant discount, a new car, or an attention-grabbing $1,000,000 shopping spree, with just a roll of the dice! Simply choose a predetermined number of employees, hand them a set of our 1″, 4″, 8″ or 16″ dice and get ready for fun. If they can roll a winning combination of your logos or letters (i.e. N-E-W-C-A-R, B-I-G-B-U-C-K-S, etc.), they’ll be rolling in dough, and Odds On will pay for the prize.

Be sure to award employees with self-provided prizes for rolling a lesser amount of winning letters/company logos! Oh, and we promise not to judge if you just want to have the traditional dots/pips on the dice instead… 😉

Employee Appreciation Day Prize Slot3.) A “Gem” of an Employee
Show your gratitude this Employee Appreciation Day by giving your employees the chance to win a giant-prize jackpot, paid for by Odds On Promotions, with the mere press of a button! With Odds On’s Gem-themed prize slot, you can give your employees the chance to spin the reels and win a grand prize, or one of five self-sponsored consolation prizes. And, when the pay table says you’ve got a grand prize winner, Odds On will be there to write the check!

Looking for another theme that better suits your company or industry? Check out all of the themes we have available — or, with enough lead time, we can customize one for you!

Employee Appreciation Day Prize Vault2.) Code-breaker Cash
Recognize and reward your team with the chance to win life-changing prizes, paid for by Odds On! For example, you could place the keys to a new car or truck inside Odds On’s Prize Vault and give every team member the chance to guess the winning combination and win a car.

The process is simple: employees simply enter their choice of digits on the vault’s touchscreen for a chance to win your grand prize, or smaller self-insured consolation prizes. If a lucky team member cracks the code, they’ll win big and Odds On will write the check!

Employee Appreciation Day Lucky Envelopes1.) $100K Thanks a Latte
Create an internal performance contest or randomly select a team member every week and give them the chance to win a super-sized bonus with Odds On’s “Thanks a Latte” Lucky Envelopes promotion.

Odds On will ship you 20 Lucky Envelopes, each containing a pre-determined dollar amount which you’ll display in the container of your choice (think coffee cups with gift cards, which you can give away at the end of the day).

If your lucky contestant can select the three envelopes from your display that add up to $100, Odds On will write them a check for $100,000.

For questions, or if you’re interested in obtaining a free, no-obligation quote on any of the above Employee Appreciation Day promotions, please email us or give us a call today at 888-827-2249!

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Halftime Basketball Promotion Scores Big Media Coverage

Greenville, S.C.  –  Talk about starting off 2018 with a bang! Clemson University’s first halftime basketball promotion on the new year was a huge success.

Christopher Carns won $10,000 on January 6, 2018, courtesy of Roto-Rooter, and paid for by Odds On Promotions, after he drained a 94-foot putt during halftime at a Clemson basketball game at Littlejohn Coliseum.

Carns, who was randomly selected to participate in the fan-friendly on-court halftime basketball contest, had only ever played golf a few times.  After he hit the ball, he expected the shot to veer off at any moment, but as it turned out, the ball rolled right through the template placed at the other end of the court, resulting in a giant roar of approval from the crowd and a big hug from the school’s mascot.

The halftime promotional putt also paid off for Roto-Rooter. The winning giant-prize “drain the putt” story was picked up by ESPN, every major golf publication, CBS Sports and USA Today.

Check out Carns’ amazing putt for yourself.

Are you looking for a way to make your sports sponsorship dollars work harder and smarter?  Need ideas for turning any sports event into a big prize promotional opportunity? Odds On Promotions can help.

Check out more of our halftime basketball contests, then give us a call at 888-827-2249.

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Viewer Wins Ford In Television Station Football Promotion

Tulsa, Okla. –  Congratulations to Cathy Gunther who won a brand-new Ford in a television station football promotion, sponsored by the Oklahoma Ford Dealers.

Gunther won her new ride, valued at $45,000, as part of  KOKI Fox 23’s Kickoff and Win Sweepstakes, a season-long football promotion based around Fox’s Saturday night college football “Game of the Week”.

To participate, viewers visited the station’s website contest page and completed a quick registration form, every week during the promotion. Each week, the station would select one contestant who would not only get a chance to win the brand-new Ford if the opening kickoff was returned for a touchdown but would also win a weekly guaranteed prize: a services certificate valued at between $150 – $1,140 at one of the participating dealerships.

In addition to the weekly prize, everyone who participated also was entered to win a Bonus Prize at the end of the season: a $500 service certificate, a Yeti cooler, and two tailgate chairs.

On October 28, Saquon Barkley returned the opening kickoff 97-yards for a touchdown, during the Penn State vs Ohio State football game, winning Gunther her brand-new Ford.

Watch her pick up the keys to her new ride!

Looking for a football promotion that will help you drive in-store or web traffic from now until Super Sunday? Ready to start planning your Fall 2018 football marketing? Need ideas for turning a big sporting event into a big prize promotional opportunity? Odds On Promotions can help.

To learn more, or for more television station promotions, give Odds On Promotions a call today at 1-888-827-2249.


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