Lucky Envelopes Contest Pays out $100,000 at Auction!

Congratulations to Glen Pounds of Lavonia, Georgia who recently won $100,000, courtesy of the Carolina Auto Auction (CAA), and paid for by Odds On Promotions, during the CCA’s Anniversary Sale. 

To add excitment and incent both attendance and sales, the CAA gives auction attendees a raffle ticket everytime they purchase a vehicle.  In addition to handing out smaller, guaranteed prizes, the CCA also holds a Graduating Levels Lucky Envelopes promotion where three lucky auction attendees get a chance to win up to $100,000, paid for by Odds On.  Pounds, who was the last contestant to participate, won the prize after he successfully  selected a winning combination of envelopes, advancing through all ten levels to score the grand prize.  

“It’s an amazing feeling to participate in moments like this,” CAA general manager Vann Humphrey said. “It speaks to the excitement of our sales events each week and our strong partnership with our customers. Our anniversary sale is just one example. We prioritize the customer experience each week and we are excited about creating more unforgettable moments and memories.”

Watch Glen P. Win $100,000!

Along with creating memories and injecting excitement, the CAA  also received an enviable amount of post-event publicity with articles, featuring their big winner, appearing in several trade publications. 

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Grand Slam Promotion Leads to Free Chevy for Gators Fan 

Gainesville, Fla. – Congratulations to Zachary Leggett of Newbury who recently won a brand new Chevy Trax, courtesy of Davis Chevrolet, and paid for by Odds On Promotions, after Florida Gators’ second baseman Cade Kurland hit a Grand Slam.  

Leggett won the Trax, valued at $14,000, after registering online for a chance to be the Davis Chevrolet Grand Slam Fan. On March 12th at Condron Family Ballpark, during the 4th inning of the big in-state rivalry game against the Seminoles, Gators’ second baseman Cade Kurland hit a homer, driving in 4 runs, and winning Leggett his new Chevrolet. 

Davis Chevrolet has been a proud supporter of Florida Gators baseball for several years, using the opportunity to meet and interact with fans at every game. Along with giving fans a chance to win a new Chevy during any inning of the big rivalry game, fans also get the chance to win during the 4th inning of any other baseball game all season long. 

According to John Tull, Senior Manager of Business Development with Gators Sports Properties, “The odds were definitely in our favor – we came really close 16 times last year – and that’s why you always get insurance! This is the fourth year Davis has sponsored this promotion – and this year they expanded their sponsorship to include softball. Our sponsor was elated with the publicity they received.” 

“I have been working with Linda Thomson for 20 years. We’ve done a lot of promotions together. She always has innovative ideas and her customer service is fantastic.” 

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Hollywood Survivor Scores $500,000

Greektown Makes Big Offer, Player Makes Perfect Picks,
& Odds On Promotions Writes the Check

Detroit. Mich – Congratulations to Wade F. of West Bloomfield, Michigan who recently won $500,000, courtesy of Hollywood Casino at Greektown, and paid for by Odds On Promotions, after he won a season-long NFL Survivor Pool promotion. 

\At the beginning of the football season, Wade F. paid $500 to participate in the “Sportsbook Battle Season III” Survivor Pool at Hollywood Casino at Greektown’s Sportsbook. 

Each week participants had to pick one pro team to win. There was just one catch –  contestants could only pick each team ONCE. And, as a bonus if any player could pick correctly – aka go undefeated – for 19 weeks, they would win a $500,000 bonus, paid for by Odds On. 

After outlasting the rest of the pack, Wade F. walked away with $39,500 guaranted prize after week 12.  Using his wits he proceeded to keep on making the perfect picks until the 19th game – where he corrected selected the Buccaneers to beat the Panthers, scoring himself the half-million dollar prize. 

Wade’s big win generated great PR for the casino’s Sportbook with articles and stories appearing in a number of Detroit media outlets, just prior to the final NFL playoff games and the Super Bowl. 

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DePaul Student Wins $10,000 in His Slippers

Chicago, Ill. – Congratulations to Conner Koy, who recently won $10,000, courtesy of DePaul University, and paid for by Odds On Promotions, after nailing a half-court basketball shot at Wintrust Arena this January.

Watch Koy’s Half-Court Shot and TV Interview

Koy, a sophmore accounting major, not only won the big bucks, he ended up appearing on the evening news after making the impressive prize-winning shot in his favorite pair of slippers.

The half-time contest gave five DePaul students the chance to each win $10,000 if they could sink the half-court shot. During the first half, five students were randomly selected to participate using the Blue Demon app, but it was Koy who shot last that ended up being the night’s big winner.

DePaul University promoted the $50,000 Half-Court Shot Contest on various social media channels in order to increase student attendance at a midweek game between the Blue Demons and the Creighton Blue Jays.

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Radio Stations & Roofer Have $10,000 Winner

Cookeville, Tenn. – Congratulations to Lucas Phillips, who recently won $10,000, courtesy of Henry Brother’s Roofing, 106-9 Kicks Country and Lite Rock 95.9, during the Raise the Roof Basketball Contest which took place at halftime during a DeKalb County High School basketball game.  Watch him win!

For the past 8 years the Raise the Roof promotion has given basketball fans the chance to win $10,000 paid for by Odds On, during halftime at selected boy’s high school basketball games. 

In order to particpate, contestants registered prior to the game and if they were randomly selected, they got thirty seconds to successfully complete a lay- up, a free throw, a three-pointer and a half-court shot. 

This December during halftime at a DeKalb County basketball game, Lucas Phillips took to the court and nailed all four shots before time ran out, winning the $10,000 prize.

According to Phillips, “The best part … was the electric atmosphere. So much joy and excitement from everyone! It’s surreal how God can use you for only 30 seconds to bring everyone together, even from opposite teams in a competitive environment, to celebrate, laugh and just enjoy the moment together. The smiles, the hugs, the high fives, that’s the real payout. So fun and a memory I’ll never forget, so happy it happened in my hometown too!” 

According to Taylor Hill Cook, with 106-9 Kicks Country and Lite Rock 95.9, Odds On answered all questions, promptly returned calls and was very easy to work with throughout the claims process.  Are you interested in raising more awareness for your business, team or cause?  Looking for more creative ways to activate a sports sponsorship or connect with sports fans?  Give us a call today at 888-827-2249.