Fundraising Duck Race Promotion: Insure Yours Today

fundraising duck raceHolding a fundraising duck race? Want to increase awareness and raise more money for your cause this summer? Imagine how many ducks (turtles, frogs or fish) will be “adopted” when you give everyone who makes a donation to your cause the chance to win up to $1,000,000 – without the risk of payout!

That’s what Odds On Promotions can do! We give you the ability to market irresistible prizes for just a fraction of their actual cost. And when you have a big winner, we’re there to pay for the prize!

Ready to learn more? Email or give us a call today at 888-827-2249. We’re looking forward to helping your organization raise more money this year with a fundraising duck race promotion!

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Fundraising Duck Race: How it Works

Here’s how it works: You’ll choose an amazing prize (cars, houses, cash, anything up to a million bucks) then sell your ducks just as you always do. Prior to your event, we’ll randomly select a group of Lucky Ducks. If one of those preselected “lucky ducks” crosses the finish line first, the duck’s owner will win your giant prize and Odds On will pick up the tab up to a million bucks. Or, split the prize 50/50 with the duck’s owner and your charity for a real win/win.

Do you or your sponsors already purchase prize insurance through another company? Then you’ve got to give us a call at 888-827-2249! We guarantee to save you and your event sponsors money on your next fundraising duck race promotion!

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