Halloween Promotion Idea for your Business: Guess How Much

Looking for a Halloween promotion idea for your business? Drive traffic this October by giving your customers the chance to win spooktacular cash and prizes with Odds On’s $100,000 Guess How Much Game.

• You’ll create a giant display of candy corns – or any other preferred Halloween treat.

• Advertise the chance to win your giant prize for simply guessing the number of treats on display.

• Customers enter their guess into Odds On’s convenient handheld or tabletop verification unit.

• If a customer gets the count just right, they will win your grand prize and Odds On will write the check.

Halloween Promotion Idea - Guess How Much

Looking for another Halloween promotion idea to scare up sales and drive traffic? Give us a call today at 888-827-2249, or shoot us an email for a complimentary brainstorming session to help ensure that your next promotion is a real “Graveyard Smash.”

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