March Basketball Contest: Online Championship Challenge

$1,000,000 Bracket Bonanza
Big Money March Basketball Contest

Looking for the perfect March basketball contest? Give your players the chance to win up to $1,000,000, paid for by Odds On Promotions, in a fully-automated, online bracket prediction promotion.

• Contestants are provided with an exclusive access code.

• Players visit your website to access the customizable game portal, enter their code and fill out their bracket.

• If one of your patrons correctly predicts 63+ games at the end of the tournament, they’ll win your insured grand prize and Odds On will pick up the tab.

This web-based promotion ensures maximum fun for your customers with limited staff involvement.

March Basketball Contest - Championship Challenge
Looking for more March basketball contest ideas? We have plenty of those too! Give us a call at 888-827-2249 today with any other ideas you might have.

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