Casino Player Lands $20K Finishing Bonus; Odds On Pays

Osceola, Iowa – Congratulations to Joyce W. who scored a $20,000 Finishing Bonus during the Lakeside Casino’s “$120,000 Harvest of Gold” Slot Tournament. Joyce won the bonus prize, paid for by Odds On, after she placed in the top five during both rounds of the slot tournament.

While Lakeside Casino awarded thousands of dollars in free play for players who finished in the top twenty positions during each of the two rounds held during the November slot tournament, the casino worked with Odds On Promotions to get maximum value from their marketing and promotions budget by offering every participating player the chance to win $100,000 for scoring in the top three and $20,000 for finishing in the top five of both rounds of tournament play.

According to Chris Gardiner, Odds On’s Eastern U.S. Business Development Representative, “Incorporating a Finishing Bonus can be a very effective way to maximize your marketing budget during a challenging time of year. You can turn a $5,000 event into $50,000 or $500,000 event – without having to increase your prize pool liability.”
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