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Amy Fanter is the Marketing Writer/SEM for the Reno, Nevada-based insured prize promotions provider, Odds On Promotions and its sister company, Hole In One International.

Mill Casino Hands Over Prize on Super Sunday

North Bend, Ore. – Congratulations to Deann Reichenback who scored $1,000 last Super Sunday when the Chief’s Kadarius Toney made the longest punt return in Super Bowl history.

Reichenback won the cash prize during The Mill Casino’s $29,000 Big Game Viewing Party. Mill Club Members that placed a $20 minimum wager on any sport between February 1-12, 2023, received a drawing ticket for a chance to win between $1,000 and $25,000 paid for by Odds On, if one of five qualifying “big plays” occured during the game. While no one scored the $25,000 prize (opening or second half kick return), when Toney made his historic punt return for a touchdown, the casino randomly selected Reichenback’s drawing ticket and awarded her the $1K prize.

While The Mill offered $29k in prizes during the Big Game last year, Reno’s Atlantis Casino Resort Spa not only handed over $300,000, paid for by Odds On, to three lucky players following Jacoby Jones’ 2013 Super Sunday kick return, they doubled down and awarded another $300,000 (also paid by Odds On) to three lucky players when Percy Harvin returned the opening kick off in 2014.

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Basketball Shootout Nets Visionary Homes Visibility 

Salt Lake City, Utah  – Last basketball season, Visionary Homes, the Official Homebuilder of the Utah Jazz, gave a lucky fan the chance to win a house, paid for by Odds On Promotions, in a Basketball Series Shootout.   

Selected at random during a game between the Clippers and the Jazz, Mike Johnson, sporting a fashionable pair of cowboy boots, was all smiles as he prepared for his shot at the prize, which was valued at $450,000. 

Johnson had the crowd crowd cheering him on after he successfully made the layup, the free throw, and the three-pointer.  Unfortunately, he ran out of time before completing the half-court shot.  But he took it in stride.    While Johnson didn’t net himself a new home, junior high school student J.J. Franks won $10,000 last Fall, courtesy of Northern Bottling and paid for by Odds On, when he successfully completed a Series Shootout at half-time during a high school  basketball game. Watch him win.  

Furniture Store Awards $50,000 in Free Furniture

Bedr Mattress customers with their rebate checks.

Marysville, Tenn. — Talk about a winning way to end the football season, Bed’r Mattress rebated $50,000 in purchases to qualified shoppers after the University of Tennessee beat Clemson at the Orange Bowl.

To generate publicity, drive traffic, and increase sales – from August 31 to mid-September of 2022, Bed’r Mattress gave customers the chance to get a 100% rebate on all purchases made during the promotional period if the Tennessee Volunteers won 11 or more games during the ’22 football season.

On December 30, the Volunteers hit the “winning” number when they beat Clemson during the Orange Bowl, which meant every lucky customer that made a qualifying purchase, received a 100% rebate, paid for by Odds On Promotions.

While Bed’r Mattress opted for a rebate based on 11 or more winning games, Odds On can help you create similar offers if your team wins their league or division, beats a rival by X points, or even just for having a “winning” season.

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Man Wins $5,000 At Baseball Game 

Syracuse, N.Y. – Talk about a marketing home run – Matthew Werbeck recently won $5,000, courtesy of New York Life Finger Lakes General Office and the Syracuse Mets, and paid for by Odds On Promotions, after the Mets hit back to back homers during a game against the Rochester Redwings.

For the past two seasons, the New York Life Finger Lakes General Office has sponsored a back to back home run inning promotion at Syracuse Mets games. To participate, fans register at the New York Life booth on the concourse prior to the game, and start rooting for those homers!

On June 9th, Jonathan Araúz and Carlos Cortes hit back to back home runs in the sixth, which meant one randomly selected registered fan (Werbeck) would take home the $5,000 prize – and Odds On Promotions would pick up the tab. The promotion will be running until the end of season.

Are you looking to get into the game of sports sponsorship? No matter what sport your target audience enjoys, Odds On Promotions can help you craft an engaging promotion that will help you increase awareness, maximize your sponsorship investment, and boost event participation.

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Northern Bottling Turns Half-Time into Show Time 

Minot, N.D. – Twelve-year-old J.J. Franks netted national notoriety when video of his amazing $10,000 4-shot basketball feat went viral on social media in February 2023.

Franks won the big bucks, courtesy of Northern Bottling and paid for by Odds On Promotions, after he successfully made a layup, a free throw, a 3-pointer and a half-court shot in 25 seconds in the Northern Bottling – Gatorade $10,000 Halftime Shootout. While Franks will be putting the majority of his winnings aside for college, he will be keeping a little to spend on himself as well as donating a portion back to his school. 

Watch his amazing shot!

Coverage for this extremely successful basketball series shoot-out promotion, which took place at Bishop Ryan Catholic School, was organized by Josh Ressler with Farmers Union Insurance. 

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