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Door Hanger Promotions Driving Traffic in Southwest

Wonder if your mail pieces are breaking through the clutter? Looking for an innovative way to kick off a grand opening of a new location? Want to meet your customers right where they live?  Door hanger promotions are an effective tool for getting your business noticed and with a little help from Odds On’s they can be an effective tool for driving foot-traffic as well.

This summer, a direct mail and print house based in the Southwest has consistently helped auto dealer clients achieve upwards of 2% response rates with a door hanger promotion insured by Odds On.

The door hangers invited residents to the dealership for a chance to win a brand new car, $2,500 in cash, or a 60″ big screen television, paid for by Odds On, if the code on their door hanger matched a pre-selected 5-digit code that was programmed into one of Odds On’s handheld verification units.

While there was no winning match, the dealerships received a 2% response rate.

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