Online Retailer Insures $100,000 Hair-Raising Offer

online retailer - free hair for life

Are you an online retailer looking to increase your online traffic? How about giving your customers the chance to win $100K or “free hair for life” for visiting your site?

Starting today,, an Atlanta, GA based online retailer of hair extensions will be giving customers the chance to win $100,000, free hair for life, bundles of hair, discounts, complimentary shipping and more in an online instant win game insured by Odds On Promotions.

According to Odds On’s Damien Anderson, “Starting October 5th, clients who click on the promotional banner located on the client’s web and social media sites, will be directed to an online instant win game that will prompt customers to enter their contact information for a chance to Spin and Win a prize.  If wheel stops in the just the right location they will win $100,000 paid for by Odds On,  or one of a selection of consolation prizes paid for by Odds On.”

Interested in adding more names to your database? Want to give your customers the chance to instantly win a giant cash prize or a life-time supply of your merchandise?
Give Odds On a call today at 888-827-2249.