Man Wins $10K at Jersey’s Pizza & Grill…

Hoffman Estates, Ill. – This Fall, Taylor Sale, a customer at Jersey’s Bar and Grill won $10,000, paid for by Odds On Promotions, after Bears Rookie Johnny Knox scored a 102-yard kickoff return in a rewarding Return for Riches promotion.

Taylor Sale, $10K Winner

The promotion gave Jersey’s patrons the chance to score the giant cash prize based on the frequency of their visits… the more times you came to Jersey’s, the more chances you got to win prizes ranging from tee-shirts to televisions to the giant cash prize.

According to Gregg Majewski, the owner of Jersey’s, after Sale won, the phones started ringing off the hook and that business has been booming ever since. What’s more, Majewski also picked up some fantastic free press.

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