Super Season or Super Sunday? Slots & Blackjack, Meet Football

Football Contest for Casinos

Football Contests for Table Games Players

Las Vegas, NV – This fall the innovative M Resort in Vegas is giving slots and blackjack players a rewarding chance to win big with two fun football promotions: $10,000 Lucky Squares and $100,000 Plays that Pay.

In $10,000 Lucky Squares, the first 100 blackjack players to qualify land a square on the “square pool” board. At the close of each quarter of the selected game of the day, the owner of the winning square lands $100 in promo chips. If the 4th quarter’s winner’s square turns out to be Odds On’s pre-selected Lucky Square, the player takes home $10,000, paid for by Odds On Promotions!

In addition to $10,000 Lucky Squares, every Sunday and Monday, in September, M Resort gave qualifying players the chance to win $100,000 in the Plays That Pay Football Game Show, where if a lucky casino player could move his or her “player” 100 yards downfield on the game board in 5 plays or less (by drawing special envelopes filled with varying “yardages”), they’d win $100,000 paid for by Odds On.

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