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Lucky Envelopes works in any venue because it gives your contestants the chance to select from numerous sealed envelopes containing various prize levels. Enhance your presentation by using one of our professionally designed game boards.

Snowmobile Racer Wins $5K Bonus Prize

Eustis, Maine – Eric Guy recently won a $5,000 performance bonus prize courtesy of the Arnold Trail Snowmobile Club andSnowMobileEnvelope paid for by Odds On.

Every year during their Polar Blast, a winter snowmobile racing festival that takes place in the western mountains of Maine, The Arnold Trail Snow Mobile Club gives the first place finisher of a “radar race” the chance to pick a single envelope from a group of 25 to win $5,000 paid for by Odds On Promotions or take home a $500 consolation prize.

After winning the Polar Blast two years in a row and twice taking home the $500 consolation prize, Guy finally had the luck of the draw – picking the $5,000 grand prize envelope.

But what makes Guy a winner in our book is that he donated $1K back to the Arnold Trail Snowmobile Club, making his big win, a big win for the club as well.

Would you like to reward outstanding performance by giving a first-place finisher the chance to win an even bigger bonus? A Lucky Envelopes contest is a fun and easy way to offer a bigger reward in any setting. To learn more email or give us a call today at 888-827-2249.

prize insurance winner brian johnston

Prize Insurance Winner Scores $15K During Pandemic

prize insurance winner brian johnstonDenver, PA – Think that because there is a pandemic, you need to slow down your marketing efforts? Think again! This April, prize insurance winner Brian Johnston of Denver won $15,000 courtesy of NextEra Home and paid for by Odds On Promotions, in a Home Appliance Makeover sweepstakes promotion administered by Cohen-Friedburg Associates, Inc (CFA).

The Sweepstakes was promoted via social media, and designed to bring attention to NextEra Home’s appliance and home warranty programs. After registering and completing a brief survey, contestants were entered for a chance to be the one lucky finalist who would select one envelope out of 100 Lucky Envelopes in order to win the $15,000 grand prize, insured by Odds On, or a $1,000 consolation prize courtesy of NextEra Home.

On April 18th, Johnston was randomly selected, and due to the constraints of Covid-19, instead of getting to choose a Lucky Envelope at a central location, CFA got creative, sending the envelopes to the contestant’s home. While a CFA Representative watched via live feed on their cell phone, Johnston selected and opened envelope #33 (in honor of basketball great Larry Bird) winning the $15,000 grand prize.

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Radio Station Promotion a Success: Milkwaukee Million Tune In and Win

Radio Station Promotion - Lucky EnvelopesTune In & Win a “Milwaukee Million”
94.5 KTI Country’s Fall Promo A Hit

Milwaukee, Wis. – This fall, 94.5 KTI Country gave their listeners the chance to win a million dollars, paid for by Odds On Promotions in a listen to win Lucky Envelopes promotion. Starting in September, during eight daily selected dayparts, the station announced a “secret song” of the hour. When the secret song was played, the ninth caller won $94 and became one of 240 semi-finalists who got the chance to win $1,000,000 at the KTI Country Milwaukee Million finale party at the end of October. Once they arrived at the grand prize finale which took place at JB’s on 41, the station randomly selected contestants via a reverse drawing to identify one finalist, Carol Walczak, who got the chance to win up to $1M, paid for by Odds On playing Odds On’s Pick ‘Til You Win Lucky Envelopes.

Inside each of the 40 envelops that were on display, there was a lucky prize message. While two messages read “Jake” and “Tanner” (the station’s AM drive talent), the third message read “One Million Dollars”. Carol opened one envelope at a time until she collected five matching messages, winning the corresponding prize. While Carol didn’t win the million, the station didn’t send her home empty handed! She took home $1,000 for having collected five “Tanners”.

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Invited Guest Casino Promotion: $25K Lucky Envelopes Contest!

invited guest casino promotionLooking for a great promotion to insure during an invited guest promotion at your casino property, which will increase play and traffic?  Evelyn Golding, Southeast Business Development Manager with Odds On Promotions, is here to tell you about an invited guest casino promotion from a property in the Southern U.S., which recently held a Lucky Envelopes contest worth some major moolah!

VIP Lucky Envelopes Promotion

On the specified promotion date, a total of 2,250 invited guests (Player’s Club Members) received a chance to reach into the casino’s “prize barrel” and grab one of Odds On’s Lucky Envelopes, which contained a free slot play amount ranging from $5-$500.  Among all of the envelopes were five special “Looney Cash” envelopes, each of which contained a special insert.

The five lucky players who got one of the five special inserts, then got the chance to participate in the insured Lucky Envelopes promotion, complete with a custom game board!

Each of the five lucky players got to pick 2 out of 25 envelopes displayed on the game board.  If the two envelopes they chose ended up containing matching grand prize winning symbols, they would have won an instant $25,000… paid for by Odds On Promotions!

I love this particular promotion, especially since the casino opted to up the ante, giving each of the five players who participated in the insured promotion a chance to win the $25,000 grand prize.  Theoretically, if each of the five players were to have chosen the two lucky winning inserts, they each would have received the full prize value, which would have meant a grand total payout of $125,000!

Interested in insuring an invited guest casino promotion of your own?  Check out our casino promotions, then give one of our casino marketing specialists a call at 888-827-2249 for a free, no-obligation quote on a customized contest of your choice, as well as some ideas on how you can increase traffic and coin-in in the process!

You can also email us at any time.

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Lucky Envelopes Promotion Insured at Ice Fishing Derby

lucky envelopesJust because its the middle of winter doesn’t mean you can’t run an amazing fishing event!  Check out how a  Wisconsin insurance agency recently assisted a local fishing derby by giving  participants a shot at winning the big bucks in an ice fishing derby Lucky Envelopes promotion, insured by Odds On Promotions.

Here’s how the Lucky Envelopes promotion worked: 4 lucky contestants of the ice fishing derby, chosen at random, were selected to participate in the Pick ‘Til You Win-style Lucky Envelopes promotion, in which each of the 4 individuals chose 5 lucky envelopes.

5 Lucky Envelopes Could Have Meant a $10,000 Payout…

The 4 contestants each started with 35 envelopes, opening one envelope at a time, unveiling one of three different prize symbols, representing three different prizes. The first prize symbol drawn five times would be the prize the lucky contestant would walk away with.  If a lucky angler managed to select the five Lucky Envelopes which contained the matching grand prize symbols, then they’d win an instant $10,000… paid for by Odds On Promotions!   Did we mention that each of the 4 participants of the promotion each had a chance to win the insured prize?  Yep, there was a total of $40K on the line!

Although unfortunately, no one managed to score the $10,000 grand prize, it was still a winning day for participants because  the event featured over $16,000 in guaranteed prizes, including cash and ATVs!  (Talk about a great example of “doing it right” when it comes to a grand prize promotion — after all, no one likes leaving empty-handed!)

Interested in insuring a Lucky Envelopes promotion of your own?  Whether you’re holding a fishing tournament, a different sports event, a trade show or need to drive traffic to your store… Lucky Envelopes are the perfect promotion to insure any place, any time!  Just give Odds On Promotions a call today at 888-827-2249 for a free, no-obligation quote… or email us for more information!  We look forward to hearing from you!