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Looking for some engaging, high-impact floor promotions for your casino property?  Odds On Promotions has hundreds of customizable games, contests, and promotions that will help you attract, capture and hold casino players.

Summer Prize Wheel Promotion: Hot Summer Fun

Summer Prize Wheel PromotionSummer Prize Wheel Promotion
NEW: Hot Summer Fun!

Kick off a summer celebration on your casino floor with Odds On’s Hot Summer Fun Super Prize Wheel promotion.

Available on your choice of an affordable, digital touchscreen or interactive mechanical wheel, the Super Prize Wheel is insurable up to $1,000,000 and can be customized to award a variety of self-sponsored consolation prizes.

Easy to play, your qualifying players just step up to the wheel and spin. And, when a lucky player spins a grand-prize winning combination, Odds On will be there to write the check.

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Galaxy Giveaway e-Game Board: An Intergalactic, Planetary Promotion

e-Game BoardOut of this World
The Galactic Giveaway

Give your players the chance to win out-of-this-world cash and prizes with Odds On’s new space-inspired e-Game Board, “Galaxy Giveaway.” Players simply pick their favorite spaceships adding up cash and prizes as they play. Have some fun with this one by kicking it off on May the 4th (Star Wars Day). Better still – ramp up the PR machine by giving a lucky player the chance to win a space voyage on Virgin Galactic (a $250K value). And no worries – because when one of your players picks a winning combination of alien craft, they’ll score your grand prize, and Odds On will pick up the tab for your winner’s trip to the stars.

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Spring Casino Promotion Idea: Bunny Money Super Prize Wheel

Spring Casino Promotion Idea - Bunny MoneyWant more traffic and play this Spring? Looking for a Spring casino promotion idea? Hop to it with Odds On’s Super Prize Wheel game, Bunny Money, which is available for play on your choice of our mechanical wheel or affordable digital touchscreen.

Insurable up to $1,000,000, qualifying players just spin the wheel and score prizes based upon your budget! Best of all, when a lucky player spins a grand-prize winning combination, Odds On will be there to write the check. This makes for a great Spring casino promotion!

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Casino Basketball Bracket Promotion Idea: Net Big Cash

Looking to set yourself apart from the competition this March and April? Need a casino basketball promotion idea? Check out Odds On’s fan-friendly March basketball promotion, Net Big Cash Bracket Challenge.

Fully automated and easy enough for everyone to understand, this big-dollar bracket promotion incorporates everything you love about Pro Football Challenge, but is specifically designed to help you market into the excitement surrounding the Men’s NCAA Basketball Tournament by driving foot-traffic before every round of games!

Players just visit the day before each round, swipe their club card at the kiosk and make their bracket selections/picks. And, if a lucky fan gets a perfect bracket, Odds On will write the check … up to $1,000,000!

This promotion is available for play on a variety of kiosk platforms to suit any budget and can be branded with your casino’s logo.

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Casino Basketball Promotions, Big Draw, Slot Tournaments

casino basketball promotions Bring In the New Year
Giant Prize January Big Draw

Boost play and profits this January by giving players the chance to win up to a million in cash and prizes with The Big Draw, Odds On’s casino-friendly direct mail promotion.

Simply incorporate a set of “Winning Numbers” into your January mail piece and promote the chance to win big for being at your property on your selected days and times, with the lucky numbered mail piece in hand.

During appointed days/times, you’ll conduct a live draw using Odds On’s ball-draw machine. If a lucky player’s numbers match the numbers drawn, they’ll become an instant millionaire, and Odds On will pick up the tab! Award consolation prizes for those who collect fewer winning numbers.

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casino basketball promotions Super-Sized Spring Tournaments
Score Match Bonus

Make your next slot/table tournament even more rewarding when you give players the chance to win a super-sized prize, paid for by Odds On. With Odds On’s Score Match Bonus you can advertise any tournament as a $100K, $500K or even $1M tournament.

Here’s how: at the close of each round, contestants are randomly selected to enter the last few digits of their score into our handheld Lucky Score Match verification unit. If your player has the winning combination, they win the grand prize, and Odds On foots the bill. This promotion is an affordable way to boost the impact of your daily tournaments, or super-size the prizes of your larger invitation-only events.

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casino basketball promotions - money ballSponsorship Toolkit
Money Ball Moolah

Another one of our favorite casino basketball promotions! Does your property sponsor a college, university, development league or pro basketball team? Here’s an effective way to make the most of your sponsorship and ensure outstanding visibility at every game: Money Ball Moolah!

On game day, a randomly selected fan gets 30 seconds to shoot 10 baskets and win big. For the first nine shots, your contestant will win a guaranteed prize for every successful shot from the free throw line. On the 10th and final shot, the Money Ball, your fan will get the chance to shoot and double, triple, or even 10X their prize. If a lucky fan gets nothing but net from half court, Odds On will be there to write the check.

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