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Contest and promotion ideas that help drive traffic to your location during a particular season, compliments of Odds On Promotions.

Black Friday Promotion Idea: Video Scratch & Win

Black Friday Promotion - VSW

Looking for a Black Friday promotion idea for your business? Stand out from the crowd by giving shoppers the chance to win up to $100K, paid for by Odds On Promotions, with a Video Scratch & Win Tablet promotion!

Customers simply select six spots on the tablet’s touchscreen grid, winning prizes based upon how many symbols they reveal. If a lucky customer unveils six grand prize winning symbols, they’ll take home your insured prize up to $100,000, compliments of your business, and paid for by Odds On!

Best of all, you can reward shoppers for revealing fewer winning symbols with gift cards, merchandise discounts, bounce-back coupons and MORE, based on your own customizable prize matrix.

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Halloween Promotion Idea for your Business: Guess How Much

Looking for a Halloween promotion idea for your business? Drive traffic this October by giving your customers the chance to win spooktacular cash and prizes with Odds On’s $100,000 Guess How Much Game.

• You’ll create a giant display of candy corns – or any other preferred Halloween treat.

• Advertise the chance to win your giant prize for simply guessing the number of treats on display.

• Customers enter their guess into Odds On’s convenient handheld or tabletop verification unit.

• If a customer gets the count just right, they will win your grand prize and Odds On will write the check.

Halloween Promotion Idea - Guess How Much

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Summer Casino Promotion Idea: Surf In & Win

Looking for a fun summer casino promotion idea? It’s not too late! Give customers the chance to score cash and prizes with Odds On’s beach-themed Lucky Envelopes game, Surf In & Win.

• Select your grand prize – such as a brand new car, a personal watercraft, or everyone’s favorite: cold, hard cash!

• Qualify your contestants and on the final day of your promotion, have a lucky finalist(s) select and open three envelopes, each containing a dollar amount.

• If the contents of the envelopes add up to $100, they’ll score your grand prize, and Odds On will write the check.

Summer Promotion Idea for Casinos

On a budget? Create your own envelope display with numbered beach balls, beach bags, or sand buckets and shovels. Or give us a call today at 888-827-2249 if you have another summer casino promotion idea in mind.

Mother’s Day Promotion Idea: Customizable Scratch Cards

Looking for a Mother’s Day or Father’s Day promotion idea? Turn your Mother’s Day or Father’s Day sales event into a prize-awarding party with a “Diamonds & Dollars” or “Stache of Cash” scratch card promotion.

Mother's Day Promotion Idea - Scratch Cards

  • Advertise the chance to win big for stopping by your location.
  • With every visit to your location and/or purchase made, give your customers a Scratch & Win Card.
  • When one of your customers unveils a grand-prize winning combination of symbols, Odds On will be there to write the check.
  • Cards can be customized with your logos and each card features a registration section to help you build a marketing database.
  • Award bounceback coupons and other prizes for unveiling fewer matching symbols.

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Winter Casino Promotions: Blizzard of Cash Game Suite

Winter Casino Promotions - Blizzard of CashNeed to drive midweek traffic at your property this winter? Put a blizzard of cash and prizes on your gaming floor with Odds On’s winter casino promotions, featuring our Blizzard of Cash Game Suite!

From kiosk promotions, to our popular Zoom Ball contest, to giant wheels and more — you can give your customers the chance to take home an insured prize, up to $1,000,000, with a little help from Odds On!

Don’t see what you’re looking for? No problem – just check out the other winter casino promotions we have to offer, or let us customize a promotion for you… you just give us a call today at 888-827-2249, or send us an email.