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Super Prize Wheels

Increase traffic, trial, and incremental revenue while you entertain your crowd with Odds On’s customizable Super Prize Wheel promotion. Use your existing drawing or hot seat system to select contestants giving them the chance to spin the prize wheel for cash and/or prizes, insurable up to $1,000,000! Select one of the super prize wheel themes below or give us a call to customize one for you.  Virtual prize wheels are also available. 


Featured Highlights


Attention-Grabbing – The giant gameshow-style prize wheel, vibrant LCD displays with built-in game accounting, and an attract video for idle times will command attention.

Easy to Play – Players simply spin the prize wheel. The software does all the accounting and the LCD tells the contestant and audience what was won.

Risk Free – Offer up to a $1,000,000 in prizes without the risk of a payout for a predetermined fixed fee.







Mechanical Super Prize Wheel
3.3' x 7.5'
40" LCD Scoreboard




Super Prize Wheel


Virtual Super Prize Wheel
4' x 9'
50" Touchscreen
36" LCD Scoreboard


Virtual Prize Wheel

Virtual Mega Prize Wheel
8' x 11'
80" Touchscreen
36" LCD Scoreboard


Mega Prize Wheel

How It Works:


Select a super prize wheel theme and format(s), an insured grand prize amount and several self-insured consolation prizes (Spin Til You Win only) geared for excitement. Or give us a call to help create a custom prize wheel theme to suit your needs. 


Advertise the chance to win Big Prizes at your event.


We’ll ship the Super Prize Wheel direct to your location configured to fit your casino promotion. Simply plug and play!


When your contestant spins the winning combination, they win the grand prize and Odds On will be there to pay for the prize!


Game Options:

Choose from one of our preselected games, or give us a call to develop a custom super prize wheel promotion to fit your needs.


Spin $X. Win $Y (ex: Spin $1,000. Win $1,000,000.) View Video

Just as the name says, contestants spin the prize wheel 3 times. If they accumulate $1,000, they win $1,000,000 (or any other amount insured by Odds On's prize insurance). Or, they win what they accumulate. This game is easy to understand and allows you to fix your budget within tight parameters.

Pigskin Spin View Video

Drive traffic and play this football season with Pigskin Spin. Qualified players just spin our football-themed Super Prize Wheel to see how many yards they can move "downfield". If a lucky player advances exactly 100 yards in 4 spins, they'll score a TOUCHDOWN and win your grand prize—paid for by Odds On!


Cash Climb 

Contestants spin our Mountain Climber themed Super Prize Wheel to see how many feet they can move "up the mountain". If a lucky player advances to the top of the mountain (exactly 10,000 feet) in 4 spins, they'll plant their flag and win up to $1,000,000—paid for by Odds On!


Price Is Right (non-insurable)

Just like Bob Barker drew it up. Each contestant gets up to 2 spins to score $1.00 without going over. Closest to $1.00 advances or wins your grand prize. This is a great game for qualifying contestants for the insured weekend games or month end grand finale.


Add'em Up (non-insurable) View Video

Use this prize wheel game daily with individual contestants to maximize a limited budget and/or qualify contestants for a big weekend spin or grand finale promotion. Simply give contestants 2-5 spins, the software and LCD will add up their results, and announce what they have won.

Head to Head Spinoff (non-insurable) View Video

Use this one during the week to qualify contestants for the insured weekend games or month end grand finale. Up to 5 contestants spin up to 7 spins each to determine your winner. The scoreboard does all the math and identifies the winner at the end.

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