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Conditional Rebate Winner: $10,000 Pray for Rain Promotion

Conditional Rebate WinnerMars, Penn. – For most couples, rainy weather on your wedding day isn’t usually a cause for celebration, but that wasn’t the case for newlyweds and conditional rebate winner Nicholas and Courtney Calderone. That’s because the Calderone’s recently received a check for $10,000, courtesy of Casa D’Oro Jewelers, and paid for by Odds On Promotions, after it rained 1.09″ on their big day.

To increase visibility and drive engagement ring sales, Reza Liaghat, owner of Casa D’Oro Jewelers runs a very popular “Pray for Rain” promotion where he gives “unlucky” couples a refund of up to $10,000 if it rains 1 inch or more on their wedding day.

According to Odds On’s Damien Anderson, who worked with Liaghat on the promotion, “Weather promotions are a very effective tool for helping retailers stand out from their competitors during the holiday season. Another client, The Diamond Vault, runs a Snow Day Giveaway where anyone that makes a purchase between November 25th and December 24th gets a 100% rebate if it snows 6″ or more on New Year’s Day.”

Along with promotions tied to foul weather, Anderson notes that Odds On also runs promotions based on the weather being unseasonably warm, “If you buy an all-wheel-drive vehicle, snow blower, or a snowmobile, you want to be able to use it. Having a ‘Warm Weather Guarantee’ can be an effective tool for closing big ticket sales.”

Want to learn more about using weather (or sports) to drive increased traffic and close more sales? Looking for a chance to have a possible conditional rebate winner of your own? Email or give Odds On Promotions a call today at 888-827-2249.

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If It Snows 4″ Your ________ Is Free! UPDATE: A $20,000 Winner!

For the past 4 years, Engstrom Jewelry Store in Valpariso, IN has been giving their customers the ultimate holiday incentive: a full rebate on all their holiday purchases if it snows 4 or more inches on New Year’s.

After you check out this media coverage, take a moment to read about how Odds On wrote the check to cover the cost of those rebates (and a few more).

Then, why not give Odds On a call today at 888-827-2249 to create a sales-driving contest that will get customers spending their holiday dough with you!

UPDATE!  The snow flew in LaPorte on New Years! All customers who made a purchase at the local Engstrom Jewelers location during this year’s promotional period will be getting a rebate, courtesy of Odds On Promotions. Congratulations to all the winners!