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Weather promotions include anything from conditional rebates based upon rain, sleet, snow or otherwise! Come check out what we have to offer.

Rain Gauge Rebate

Know anyone who’s in the market for a combine?

South Dakota’s Fred Haar Co., Inc is offering an amazing “Rain Gauge Guarantee”. Purchase a JConditional Rebate Promotion - Rainfallohn Deere 9970® combine before April 30th and if it doesn’t rain more than 2.97 inches in July and August, they’ll cover the entire first-year payment … with a little help from Odds On Promotions of course!  Check out their promotional video.


Odds On Promotions

Concert Rained Out! We Paid Out!

Odds On Promotions mailed a giant check to the organizers of the Fulton County Fair after .25 inches of rain fell on their parade. (Well, actually, it fell on their Labor Day weekend outdoor concert). Even though the rain fell, the Fair didn’t lose a dime because the Fulton County Agricultural Society had purchased weather coverage from Odds On Promotions.  Planning an outdoor special event this Spring, Summer or Fall? Don’t let Mother Nature mess with your fair, festival, tournament, or concert series!  Call Odds On Promotions today for more information on our affordable weather insurance coverage.


Odds On Promotions

If It Snows Two Inches on New Years, Your Furniture is FREE!

Dubuque, IA – Want to give your customers an added incentive to buy? Here’s a great idea from Floor Show Furniture and Flooring – offer a 100% weather rebate! If a customer purchased funiture, flooring, accessories or window treatments during the promotional period, which lasts until December 21, and it snows 2″ or more on News Year’s Day, they will get a full refund on their purchases, paid for by Odds On Promotions. Want to offer a giant rebate if there’s a record high temperature on Groundhog’s or President’s Day? How about giving away a “Pot of Gold” on St. Patty’s if there’s record rainfall? Call us today at 888-827-2249 and we’ll create a weather-based promotion just for you!