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Traffic building contests and promotions from Odds On Promotions… for when you need to increase your bottom line. From Video Scratch & Win kiosks to customized scratch cards, check out our options!

clean hands kiosk

New Product: Clean Hands Hand Sanitizer Kiosk

The Clean Hands Kiosk is a digital signage display with a built-in automatic hand sanitizer dispenser. It’s great for conveying the message that you care about your customer’s and employee’s health, while at the same time continually advertising your products and services.

The Clean Hands Kiosk is a classy, permanent solution for any and all environments!

Watch a video to see how it works.

hand sanitizer kiosk display


Freestanding and Wall Mounted Options

Attracts Attention Immediately; Delivers We Care + Marketing Messages

Uses Open Market Bulk Sanitizer

Holds up to 5 times more than standard dispensers

Avg 1¢ per use.



Orders taken on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Automatic Refill Notification

hand sanitizer kiosk dispenser - full

Green = FULL

hand sanitizer kiosk dispenser - empty


hand sanitizer kiosk - information and details

First Quarter Promotions for Every Business from Odds On

first quarter promotions - football playbook 2017Countdown to Kickoff
Plan Your Big Game Party

Looking to ensure that your Big Game Party is the biggest in town? Odds On has affordable giant-prize promotions to help you drive traffic, increase sales, and keep customers on premise during any big game.

Our favorite promotion? Scoreboard Payoff pull tab cards, where your patrons recieve a card and if the numbers on their card, match the last digit of each teams’ scores – they win a $25,000 prize, paid for by Odds On.

Or, Lucky Squares: a customized 100-square pool grid with a mystery square worth $10,000, or more. If the final score of the big game lands in the preselected square, the owner of that square wins the giant prize, and Odds On will write the check.

For more great Ideas, download our Super Sunday Planning Guide.

first quarter promotions - new year's eve conditional rebatesRing In the New Year Rebate
Weather or Sports Promotion

Here’s a great promotion for auto dealers, jewelry, appliance and furniture stores… a weather or sports-based conditional rebate. Imagine the response when you advertise that everyone making a purchase during your pre-holiday sale will get a 100% rebate, if there’s snow on New Year’s Day or if the home team returns the opening or second-half kickoff for touchdown during a bowl game! And when Mother Nature lets the snowflakes fly, or the home team takes it to the house, Odds On will be there to write the check!

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first quarter promotions - trade show traffic boostersTrade Show Traffic Booster
Capture More Leads

Increase traffic, gather more qualified leads, boost sales, and make your organization the talk any trade show with a customizable Video Scratch & Win Game from Odds On! Just advertise a free chance to win up to $100,000 for stopping by your booth. Contestants simply select six spots on the game’s interactive touchscreen and win prizes based on how many winning symbols are revealed. When your customer unveils a winning combination, they’ll walk away a winner, paid for by Odds On.

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first quarter promotions - basketball contestsBig Prize Basketball Shots
Net Big Cash and Prizes

Here’s a promotion that works anywhere – from your local high school gym to center court at an NBA game! Give lucky basketball fans the chance to win a vacation, tuition, free fuel, groceries, or even a brand new car for successfully making a Half-Court shot, 3/4 Court shot or completing a Series Shoot-Out.

If a randomly selected fan can make the shot, they’ll win your prize, paid for by Odds On Promotions.

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Big Prize Contest Ideas for Every Business

contest ideas - scratch cardsBeat the Heat Bucks
Scratch & Win Promotion

In need of some contest ideas? How about giving everyone who visits your location the chance to score big prizes with one of Odds On’s standard or customizable Scratch and Win cards! A proven way to drive traffic and increase sales, customers simply scratch off surfaces to reveal symbols. When a lucky contestant unveils a winning combination of matching symbols, Odds On will be there to pay for your grand prize. Each card features a contact information form on the back to help you build your marketing database and/or run a post promotion guaranteed giveaway at your location.

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lucky-list-home-makeoverHome Makeover Money
Online Register to Win Promotion

Give your customers the chance to win a house full of cash and prizes or a major home remodel, paid for by Odds On, with an online Home Improvement game. You’ll provide us with a selection of ten home improvement jobs ( windows, new flooring, new appliances, etc), and we’ll put them in a winning order. After completing an online registration form, contestants “drag and drop” the items on the list into a preferred order. If a lucky contestant puts the items in the winning order, they will win your grand prize, and Odds On Promotions will pick up the tab.

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return-for-riches-rebateGame Day Rebates
Football Promotion

One of our most popular contest ideas. Drive sales while showing support for your favorite football team! It’s easy with Odds On’s Shut Out Payout and Return for Riches Conditional Rebate promotions. Just choose your team, or preferred game and hold a “Run it Back Rebate” or “Shut Out, Pay Out” sale, giving shoppers the chance to collect up to a 100% rebate if the opening or second-half kickoff is returned for a touchdown, or if the home team shuts out their opponent! If your team makes it happen, your lucky shoppers will get a big rebate, and Odds On will write a check for every purchase made during your sale.

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Baseball Promotional Nights: $5,000 Grand Slam Inning

baseball promotional nights - grand slam inningAre you looking for an exciting baseball contest that will showcase you team or a key sponsor’s business during a baseball promotional night?  Odds On has been working with a Minor League Baseball team based out of the Northeastern U.S. to insure a baseball promotion at ten of their games during the season!

For this team’s baseball promotional nights,  the contest is a Grand Slam Inning promotion. During each of the ten games, if a member of the team makes an out of the park grand slam home run during the 4th inning of the game, one randomly selected fan will score a $5,000 home theater system, compliments of local Audio/Video retailer  – the contest sponsor, and paid for by Odds On Promotions!

Interested in more ideas to help you sell baseball promotional night sponsorships, please feel free to visit our website, or give Odds On Promotions a call today at 888-827-2249 for a free, no-obligation quote.  You can also contact us via email with any questions you might have.

P.S. Looking for a fun and unique way to register contestants, while gathering valuable marketing information in the process?  Be sure to check out a demo of Odds On’s Online Contest Registration to see just how easy it really is, then give us a call for pricing information!

Halloween Casino Promotions: Check Out Monster Cash!

halloween casino promotions - monster cashLooking for Halloween casino promotions to help scare up some incremental revenues this Fall? Check out the most spooktacular Swipe, Play & Win game Odds On Promotions has ever created… Monster Cash! Qualifying players just swipe their club card at the supernatural super-sized kiosk, activating the 46″ Monster Cash game which features a phantasmagorical haunted house complete with bats, belfries, mummies, witches, vampires and more. If a lucky ghoul or goblin chooses just the right window or door, they’ll instantly score your grand prize – or they’ll be rewarded with a secondary prize based upon their player rating. Game features customizable collect to win game pieces, optional drawing tickets and can be insured for up to $1,000,000.

Check out a demo of Monster Cash today, view some of the other October promotions we have to offer, and then give us a call at 888-827-2249 for a free, no-obligation quote… or email us for more information!