Early Bird Football Promotion Ideas for Fans and Sponsors

sponsorship-promosLooking to increase game day excitement, increase fan engagement, and generate bigger publicity while giving your sponsors more to cheer about? Give your fans the opportunity to kick, toss, or “scratch” their way to incredible prizes, paid for by Odds On Promotions, with one of these football promotion ideas!

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football promotion ideas - smw video boardScratch, Match & Win Video Board

Drive fans to your sponsor’s business with Odds On’s Scratch, Match & Win Video Board promotion. Distribute game cards, featuring your sponsor’s custom offer on the back, to fans as they arrive. Fans scratch off their cards and watch the Video Board during halftime. If they have a matching set of numbers, Odds On will pay for their grand prize.

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football promotion ideas - return for richesReturn for Riches

Turn your opening or second half kick-offs into attention-grabbing sponsorship opportunities with a little help from Odds On. Prior to the game randomly select a fan–or a group of fans–rewarding them with a Game Day VIP package, or seating them in a sponsor-branded VIP section. If the kick-off is returned for a touchdown your Lucky Fan(s) will score your sponsor’s prize, and Odds On will write the check.

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football promotion ideas - kicks, tosses and punts
Kicks, Tosses & Punts

Give your fans the chance to toss, kick or punt their way to life-changing giant prizes with a little help from Odds On. If a lucky fan has the winning touch, he or she will score an amazing prize, your sponsor will cash in on all the free press and Odds On Promotions will pick up the tab.

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 Pfootball promotion ideas - pass punt kickass, Punt & Kick

Give three fans the chance to go for the big bucks with Odds On’s Progressive Pass, Punt and Kick contest. Three to five contestants line up behind the end zone, throwing their longest pass. The two who toss the ball the furthest move on to the punt and whomever punts the furthest gets a chance to kick it through the uprights and take home all the dough.

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