Increase Sales and Traffic with a QR Code Promotion

Have a wired customer base? Stand out from the crowd with a million-dollar QR (Quick Response) or other 2-D code promotion!

As more of the American public adopts smartphones, is it any wonder why mobile friendly QR and other 2-D code technology, is gaining ground. After all, with just a  quick scan from your smartphone you can share a site, send a message, pay a bill, and the list goes on and on.

According to Damien Anderson, Internet Business Development Manager for Odds On Promotions, 2-D codes offer marketers an amazing number of contest and promotion opportunities, from driving customers to your contest or sweepstakes pages, to qualifying contestants for your promotion, to even acting as the contest entry itself.

Want to see what we’re talking about?   You can scan the 2-D code at the right for a special message from Damien.

To download a code reader to your phone, open your mobile browser and visit Using your smartphone (or similar device), hold it up in front of the QR code (it’s the funny-looking black and white image on the right) and Damien’s message to you will appear on your phone.

Psst – need another version of a QR Reader? Simply search for ‘QR reader’ on your smartphone’s app store.

For further information about this promotion, contact Damien Anderson at 800-504-9553 or send him an email.

About Kristen Hansen-Carter

Kristen Hansen-Carter is the Marketing Assistant for Odds On Promotions and their sister company, Hole In One International. She held this position from 2011 to 2013, then returned to the company in 2016. Kristen assists with email marketing, blog posts, social media, and video editing/production for both companies.
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