On-Air Promotion Results in $102K Lucky Envelopes Winner

On-Air Promotion Winner: Jamie LinksKansas City, Mo. – Congratulations to on-air promotion winner Jamie Links, of Independence, who recently won $102,000, courtesy of KC 102.1 (KCKC) in Kansas City, and paid for by Odds On Promotions, in the station’s  “$102K In May” Lucky Envelopes contest.

To drive tune-in during the month of May, the KC 102.1 on-air talent prompted listeners to call in during 4 selected day parts to qualify for a chance to win $102,000.

At the end of the on-air promotion qualification period, the station threw a grand prize finale event at Los Cabos Mexican Grill, where the station randomly selected one finalist who got to play a Pick ‘Til You Win Lucky Envelopes game.

Inside each of 40 Lucky Envelopes, which the station put on display, there was a lucky prize message. While two messages read “$500” and “$1,000” – the station’s cash consolation prizes, the third message read “$102,000”, which was insured by Odds On.

Links opened one envelope at a time until she collected five matching messages, winning $102K, which was the largest cash prize ever awarded in the history of the market.

According to station’s Promotions Director Bryan Truta, “KC 102.1 has a history of ‘bigger than life’ giveaways but this takes the cake. We are pleased to be giving away the biggest prize in KC history.”

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