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On-Air Promotion Results in $102K Lucky Envelopes Winner

On-Air Promotion Winner: Jamie LinksKansas City, Mo. – Congratulations to on-air promotion winner Jamie Links, of Independence, who recently won $102,000, courtesy of KC 102.1 (KCKC) in Kansas City, and paid for by Odds On Promotions, in the station’s  “$102K In May” Lucky Envelopes contest.

To drive tune-in during the month of May, the KC 102.1 on-air talent prompted listeners to call in during 4 selected day parts to qualify for a chance to win $102,000.

At the end of the on-air promotion qualification period, the station threw a grand prize finale event at Los Cabos Mexican Grill, where the station randomly selected one finalist who got to play a Pick ‘Til You Win Lucky Envelopes game.

Inside each of 40 Lucky Envelopes, which the station put on display, there was a lucky prize message. While two messages read “$500” and “$1,000” – the station’s cash consolation prizes, the third message read “$102,000”, which was insured by Odds On.

Links opened one envelope at a time until she collected five matching messages, winning $102K, which was the largest cash prize ever awarded in the history of the market.

According to station’s Promotions Director Bryan Truta, “KC 102.1 has a history of ‘bigger than life’ giveaways but this takes the cake. We are pleased to be giving away the biggest prize in KC history.”

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Dice Roll Promotion – Steal This Idea: Winner Wonderland

dice roll promotion - winner wonderlandWhat do you get when mix together a classic childhood fairytale, three enormous customized dice, and a giant-prize insured by Odds On Promotions? A $100,000 Winner Wonderland! This December a casino property gave qualifying players the chance to roll and win the big bucks in an Alice in Wonderland themed dice roll promotion.

Every Saturday night the casino selected three lucky contestants who got the chance to roll a set of customized oversized dice, provided by Odds On Promotions. If a lucky player could roll a winning combination of logos they’d score the $100K grand prize, paid for by Odds On. While no one took home the giant prize, the casino ensured that everyone took home a generous cash consolation prize based on what they rolled.

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Radio Station Promotion a Success: Milkwaukee Million Tune In and Win

Radio Station Promotion - Lucky EnvelopesTune In & Win a “Milwaukee Million”
94.5 KTI Country’s Fall Promo A Hit

Milwaukee, Wis. – This fall, 94.5 KTI Country gave their listeners the chance to win a million dollars, paid for by Odds On Promotions in a listen to win Lucky Envelopes promotion. Starting in September, during eight daily selected dayparts, the station announced a “secret song” of the hour. When the secret song was played, the ninth caller won $94 and became one of 240 semi-finalists who got the chance to win $1,000,000 at the KTI Country Milwaukee Million finale party at the end of October. Once they arrived at the grand prize finale which took place at JB’s on 41, the station randomly selected contestants via a reverse drawing to identify one finalist, Carol Walczak, who got the chance to win up to $1M, paid for by Odds On playing Odds On’s Pick ‘Til You Win Lucky Envelopes.

Inside each of the 40 envelops that were on display, there was a lucky prize message. While two messages read “Jake” and “Tanner” (the station’s AM drive talent), the third message read “One Million Dollars”. Carol opened one envelope at a time until she collected five matching messages, winning the corresponding prize. While Carol didn’t win the million, the station didn’t send her home empty handed! She took home $1,000 for having collected five “Tanners”.

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Dollar Bill Games a Success for Bristol Broadcasting

dollar bill gamesThis April and May, Bristol Broadcasting ran a pair of Dollar Bill Games, giving station listeners the chance to win up to $10,000, paid for by Odds On Promotions. During selected dayparts, the Nth designated caller got the chance to match the numbers on their dollar bill with a set of pre-selected numbers featuring the station’s call sign. The caller received $100 for being the lucky caller, then received additional cash prizes based on how many numbers they matched. If a caller had six matching numbers they would win the grand prize, and Odds On would pick up the check.

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Pick the Pros Promotion: Pro Football Challenge Mobile Edition

pick the pros promotion - PFC MobileRun a $100K Pick the Pros Promotion
All for Just $75 a Week

Drive traffic to sponsor locations for 17 weeks, build a database, and give your fans the chance to win up $100,000 in cash and prizes, all for just $75 a week, with Odds On’s rewarding new mobile football promotion, Pro Football Challenge.

Advertise your big prize “pick ’em” football promotion and invite your fans to download the app at selected sponsor locations. Fans make their picks, and track their standings on the in-app leaderboard. The app’s geolocation option requires fans to be on-site to make their picks, driving traffic to your sponsor’s location up to 7 days a week, while bounce back coupons and customizable branding will showcase your sponsor’s investment.

Your fans and sponsors will love this easy-to-play pick the pros promotion! Fans not only get the chance to win $10K just for downloading the app, but every week during the NFL season they’ll also get the chance to win $1K for picking a perfect week and shot at scoring $100K for making 205 correct predictions for the season.

Best of all, every prize will be paid for by Odds On Promotions.

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