Winter Fundraising Promotions for Non-Profits

Winter Fundraising PromotionsLooking to generate some additional funds for your cause this winter season?  Odds On Promotions has a variety of different winter fundraising promotions that will help you achieve your fundraising goals… so bundle up and get ready to take some notes!

Ice Fishing
So you think fishing tournaments can only be held during the spring and/or summertime?  Guess again!  With an ice fishing promotion, you can still hold your fundraising fishing tournament regardless of the season (if your location/climate allows for it, of course).  Feel free to charge people $X to get in on the excitement of possibly winning up to a $1,000,000 prize, compliments of Odds On!  From weight match promotions to tagged fish promotions, we insure it all!  Don’t necessarily want to insure a fishing-related promotion at your event?  No sweat!  Check out our scratch cards and our Lucky Envelopes promotion!

Poker Run
One of our most popular winter fundraising promotions! That’s right — a poker run promotion can even be held in the dead of winter, by using a snow machine, or even skis!  Have your poker run contestants drive/ski to all 5 sponsor locations pick up their cards and at the final stop, have contestants enter their 5-card hand into Odds On’s Lucky Hand Poker Verification machine.  If their hand matches our preselected winning hand, they’ll win up to $1,000,000 and Odds On will write the check!  And remember, the best part of any fundraising promotion is that you decide how much you’d like to charge your participants!

Ice Melt Prediction
Take notes from this rotary club in Colorado and let your contestants make the call as to how long (down to the very second) they think it will take for a particular structure to fall through the ice next Spring.  This winter, you’ll have contestants write down the day and time, down to the second, they think the “ice” will melt.  You’ll reward the top 3-10 people who come the closest with a secondary prize and the chance to win a giant insured prize by entering their “lucky time” (XX hours, XX minutes, XX seconds)  into Odds On’s handheld verification unit.  If any of your qualifier’s  times match the lucky pre-selected winning time they’ll  win up to $1,000,000 and Odds On will pay out the prize!   Odds On can help you adjust this promotion for any body of water that freezes … just give us a call today.

Need more ideas for winter fundraising promotions? We love to brainstorm, so give us a call today at 888-827-2249… or email us for a free, no-obligation quote!  Have another idea other than what’s listed on this blog post and/or on our website?  Let us know!