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Amy Fanter is the Marketing Writer/SEM for the Reno, Nevada-based insured prize promotions provider, Odds On Promotions and its sister company, Hole In One International.

Watch Basketball Fan Make 94-Ft. Putt for a New Car

Newport, Ky. – Congratulations to Bradley Wolfzorn, who won a two-year lease on a new car from Jake Sweeney Automotive, paid for by Odds On Promotions, after sinking an impressive 94-foot, on-court putt at a Northern Kentucky University men’s basketball game in December. 

Wolfzorn putting

The on-court putting contest, which is sponsored by Barleycorn’s, gives a randomly selected fan the chance to make a 94-foot putt to score a new ride.

After Wolfzorn was randomly selected at the game, he hit an impressive, fast-moving putt that flew across the BB&T Arena hardwood and through a template placed on the farside of the court.  

“The hardwood is so much faster than an actual green, so everything must be in perfect alignment to sink it,” said Joe Heil, Barleycorn’s vice president of operations and longtime NKU Norse basketball sponsor. “This putt had the speed and the accuracy. It was thrilling to watch!”  

This was the second winner for NKU and Barleycorn’s insured by Odds On Promotions. Michael Meier of Edgewood, Kentucky won $5,000 for a 94-footer in February of 2020.

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Casino Player Lands $20K Finishing Bonus; Odds On Pays

Osceola, Iowa – Congratulations to Joyce W. who scored a $20,000 Finishing Bonus during the Lakeside Casino’s “$120,000 Harvest of Gold” Slot Tournament. Joyce won the bonus prize, paid for by Odds On, after she placed in the top five during both rounds of the slot tournament.

While Lakeside Casino awarded thousands of dollars in free play for players who finished in the top twenty positions during each of the two rounds held during the November slot tournament, the casino worked with Odds On Promotions to get maximum value from their marketing and promotions budget by offering every participating player the chance to win $100,000 for scoring in the top three and $20,000 for finishing in the top five of both rounds of tournament play.

According to Chris Gardiner, Odds On’s Eastern U.S. Business Development Representative, “Incorporating a Finishing Bonus can be a very effective way to maximize your marketing budget during a challenging time of year. You can turn a $5,000 event into $50,000 or $500,000 event – without having to increase your prize pool liability.”
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Big Prize Promos for Super Sunday …

Want to score big with football fans? 

Here are our most popular contests to get in the game:

  1. Reward customers visiting your store with Scoreboard Payoff Pull-tab cards
  2. Give the first 100 people that arrive at your game day party, make a qualifying donation to your charity, or tag you on social media, the chance to score amazing prizes with a giant-prize LUCKY SQUARES football pool.

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Snowmobile Racer Wins $5K Bonus Prize

Eustis, Maine – Eric Guy recently won a $5,000 performance bonus prize courtesy of the Arnold Trail Snowmobile Club andSnowMobileEnvelope paid for by Odds On.

Every year during their Polar Blast, a winter snowmobile racing festival that takes place in the western mountains of Maine, The Arnold Trail Snow Mobile Club gives the first place finisher of a “radar race” the chance to pick a single envelope from a group of 25 to win $5,000 paid for by Odds On Promotions or take home a $500 consolation prize.

After winning the Polar Blast two years in a row and twice taking home the $500 consolation prize, Guy finally had the luck of the draw – picking the $5,000 grand prize envelope.

But what makes Guy a winner in our book is that he donated $1K back to the Arnold Trail Snowmobile Club, making his big win, a big win for the club as well.

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Throwback Thursday: Students Win Cash at Texas A&M

College Station, Texas – With the basketball season underway, we thought today was the perfect time to remind everyone of how exciting a half-court shot contest can be!

At halftime during a Texas A&M women’s basketball game, freshman Ethan Wright nailed an impressive half-court shot in front of a 3,700 plus crowd, scoring $1,000, courtesy of Mountain Dew and paid for by Odds On Promotions.

Wright was randomly selected from the student section during the first half and took his prize-winning shot right before the start of the third quarter.

This was the second half-court shot winner for Texas A&M during the same season. Hunter Prahbu scored $10,000, courtesy of Mountain Dew and paid for by Odds On, during a Men’s game earlier in the school year.  Want to put your business at center court this season?
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