Baseball Contest Ideas: Home Run Derby Worth $30K

baseball contest ideas - homerun derbyIn need of some baseball contest ideas that will increase fan attendance and engagement at your next big game?  If so, then you’re going to absolutely love hearing about this baseball promotion we helped a Minor League team in the Northeastern U.S. to insure as part of their  Opening Day
— a Home Run Derby Contest!

Here’s how the baseball contest worked … on Opening Day, one lucky fan, chosen via raffle ticket, was selected to take three swings at a baseball off of a hitting tee placed at home plate.  If they successfully “hit one deep” over the six-foot-high fence, they would have been awarded generously – with a brand new truck valued at $30,000, compliments of the sponsor and paid for by Odds On.

While unfortunately, the fan who was selected didn’t score the vehicle, they still had an absolute blast — as did all of the other fans!

While winning an insured grand prize is always nice, it’s definitely not all that counts. When I think about what qualifies as a “winning promotion”, I tend to think about factors such as increased attendance, fan excitement, and interaction… as well as capturing valuable marketing information from your fans!  Speaking of which, be sure to check out our Online Contest Registration.

More Baseball Contest Ideas

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