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Odds On offers a variety of baseball promotions to create excitement, generate publicity, and develop effective event sponsorship packages at all levels of competition. From the farm leagues to the major leagues, a $1,000,000 insured prize contest is a grand slam.

  • Balls and Strikes

    Three strikes you WIN! Select a participant to try to throw three strikes through a target template before they throw four balls. more»

  • Conditional Promotions

    Build a promotion around any condition you can think of, and when the condition holds true, Odds On pays the price. more»

  • Grand Slam Game

    It's easy! When your team hits a grand slam during the designated game or series, a randomly selected fan wins big — paid for by Odds On! more»

  • Grand Slam Inning

    If any member of the home team hits a Grand Slam during a designated inning, a randomly selected fan walks off a winner. more»

  • Hit For the Cycle

    If your star hits a single, double, triple and a home run, an excited fan gets the honors and Odds On pays for the prize. more»

  • Homer Hole

    If a big hitter knocks one through a hole cut in a large sponsor sign located on the outfield wall, your contestant wins big! more»

  • Homerun Derby

    If a fan hits one deep, they go home a winner, paid for by Odds On Promotions! more»

  • Lucky Foul Poles

    If your player hits a homerun, that hits a foul pole, your fan wins big. more»

  • Misc. Baseball Stadium Promotions

    Check out our unique baseball stadium contests designed to allow anyone from students to Grandma to participate! more»

  • No Hit Heroics

    If your ace throws a no hitter, your fan will reap the rewards. more»

  • Player/Coach Contract Incentive Coverage

    Motivate performance with an incentive worth striving for. more»

  • Prize Pitch

    Pick a number and if you team hits a homerun on that number pitch, you contestant(s) win big and Odds On pays. more»

  • Prize Plays

    Make any play worth big money! more»

  • Scratch, Match & Win

    Scratch, Match & Win is a fun, effective and affordable promotion for increasing excitement in any sports venue. more»

  • Shut Out Game

    If your favorite team can make it nine scoreless innings, Odds On will deliver the prize. more»

  • Strike Out the Side

    Sit down three in a row, and Odds On will pay for the prize. more»

  • Target Pitch

    A randomly selected fan winds up and throws from the pitcher's mound through a target hole. more»

  • Text, Match & Win

    Text, Match & Win is an affordable and effective promotion for increasing excitement in any sports venue. more»

  • Three Strikes You Win

    Give a lucky fan an opportunity to throw three strikes in a row through a large target opening and walk off a winner. more»

  • Triple Play

    If your team makes a triple play, a lucky fan is in the money! more»

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