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No-Hitter Promotion = $37K for Lucky Fan

Milwaukee, Wisc. – When Carlos Rodón pitched a no-hitter for the Chicago White Sox against the Cleveland Indians this Spring, he wasn’t the only one celebrating. That’s because for a lucky listener of the White Sox flagship station, Chicago’s ESPN 1000, Rodón’s no-hitter meant winning a 2021 Nissan Rogue, courtesy of Nissan, and paid for by Odds On Promotions, as part of a no-hitter promotion.

no hitter promotion winner

Watch a video of the no-hitter and on-air winner announcement!

The contest, which was promoted on-air and via social media, prompted fans to visit the website to register for a chance to win a Rogue if the White Sox pitched a no-hitter.

On Wednesday, April 14, left-hander Rodón threw the first no-hitter of his career (and came just two outs shy of a perfect game) in an 8-0 win over the Indians, ensuring that one lucky Chicago fan would win a new ride. ​

That’s when Matthew Serlovsky of Orland Park, Ill. was notified during a live broadcast of the Carmen and Jurko Show that he was the winner of a brand new Rogue.

“Nissan is a powerhouse brand as well as a great partner of ours, and the White Sox have some powerhouse pitching. This no-hitter will go down in history, and now a lucky ESPN 1000 fan will think about it every time they get in their new vehicle,” Good Karma Brands’ Chicago Market Manager, Mike Thomas said.

Having had such great success, Good Karma Brands and Nissan extended their promotion. So, if Rodón or any other White Sox pitcher throws another no-hitter this season, they will be able to giveaway another Nissan… and Odds On will be there to write the check!

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Baseball Promotion Pays Off for Casino Property

Burlington, IA – Congratulations to Kendra Huff of Danville who recently won $10,000, courtesy of Catfish Bend Casino and paid for by Odds On Promotions in a baseball promotion.

Baseball promotion at casino

For the last three years, Catfish Bend Casino has been sponsoring a Home Run baseball promotion for the Burlington Bees baseball team where if any player hits a ball through a 48-inch hole in the Catfish Bend Casino sign in left field – a randomly selected fan wins $10,000. Watch the congratulatory winner video.

For a chance to win the big bucks, fans complete a registration form prior to start of the game. The team then randomly draws a registration form prior to the first pitch of the first inning. If any Bee’s player hits it into the “homer hole” sign, the pre-selected fan takes home the cash.

During the first inning of the game on April 9th, right fielder Spencer Griffin hit a two out solo home run that soared directly through the casino’s promotional signage, giving Huff a giant cash windfall, courtesy of Catfish Bend Casino.

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Dice Roll Winner at Baseball Game Scores $10K, Paid For by Odds On

Dice Roll Winner - Teresa GlissonWoman Rolls Her Way to $10K at Baseball Game
Odds On Promotions Picks up the Tab

Myrtle Beach, S.C. – Congratulations to dice roll winner Teresa Glisson who recently won $10,000, courtesy of Sparks Toyota & HTC, and paid for by Odds On Promotions. Glisson scored the big cash prize as part of the Myrtle Beach Pelicans post-game $50,000 Dice Roll Extravaganza.

The crowd-pleasing baseball contest gave a lucky fan the chance to roll five 16″ dice, each featuring a Pelican logo. While the team provided three smaller prizes, Odds On provided coverage for a $10K prize for getting 4 logos and a $50K grand prize for getting all five.

Watch Glisson score the big bucks with her pre-toss “dice-whispering” technique.

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Millionth Fan Promotion Success Story

millionth fan promotion - goodyear ballparkMillionth Fan Promotion
Goodyear Ballpark Celebrates An Attendance Milestone

Want to make the most of a major attendance milestone? This season, recognize your “X” millionth fan’s arrival with a big prize promotion from Odds On! Check out how Bruce Kessman and the team at Goodyear Ballpark gave a Lucky Fan the chance to win a million bucks…

“The Millionth Fan promotion was absolutely amazing! The promotion started in the 1st inning with narrowing down to which side of the ballpark the Millionth Fan was on. The build-up continued in the 3rd inning when we narrowed it down to one section before finally revealing the Millionth Fan in the 4th inning. Section 117, Row S, Seat #2 belonged to Jean Wilson and was Goodyear Ballpark’s Millionth Fan. During the half inning reveal, Taneka was live on the mic in the section accompanied by ballpark staff and interns who showered the area with confetti, silly string, beads, and party hats.

During the middle of the 5th inning, Jean was presented with the “Golden Fan” trophy by Goodyear’s City Manager, Mr. Dalke.

Post-game, the Millionth Fan celebration continued as Jean was presented with more gifts and prizes on the field which included a commemorative Goodyear Ballpark jersey which was presented by Ryan Lantz and Mike Saverino.

Jean also had the chance to win one million dollars, ten thousand dollars, or a Vegas Prize Pack! 35 envelopes were scattered on a table at home plate and Jean had to select one at a time until she revealed 5 of one prize. She didn’t win the million dollars but walked away with the Vegas Prize Pack. She walked away saying, “This was the best day of my life!”

And if giving a lucky fan a one-in-a-million experience wasn’t enough, Goodyear Ballpark set a new single-game record with a crowd of 11,616!

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Baseball Contest Ideas: Home Run Derby Worth $30K

baseball contest ideas - homerun derbyIn need of some baseball contest ideas that will increase fan attendance and engagement at your next big game?  If so, then you’re going to absolutely love hearing about this baseball promotion we helped a Minor League team in the Northeastern U.S. to insure as part of their  Opening Day
— a Home Run Derby Contest!

Here’s how the baseball contest worked … on Opening Day, one lucky fan, chosen via raffle ticket, was selected to take three swings at a baseball off of a hitting tee placed at home plate.  If they successfully “hit one deep” over the six-foot-high fence, they would have been awarded generously – with a brand new truck valued at $30,000, compliments of the sponsor and paid for by Odds On.

While unfortunately, the fan who was selected didn’t score the vehicle, they still had an absolute blast — as did all of the other fans!

While winning an insured grand prize is always nice, it’s definitely not all that counts. When I think about what qualifies as a “winning promotion”, I tend to think about factors such as increased attendance, fan excitement, and interaction… as well as capturing valuable marketing information from your fans!  Speaking of which, be sure to check out our Online Contest Registration.

More Baseball Contest Ideas

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