Promotion Winner Steven Gordon Wins $5K in Football Contest

Castle Dale, Utah – Promotion winner Steven Gordon of Huntington won $5,000, paid for by Odds On Promotions, after he successfully passed, punted and kicked his way 100 yards downfield and through the uprights at halftime during an Emery High School football game.

The Pass, Punt and Kick contest, which was a fundraiser for the Emery High School Girls Softball Team, gave four fans the chance to win the big bucks if their name was selected in a raffle.

Gordon, who is both a coach and the school’s Vice Principal, purchased a $5 ticket just prior to halftime. He was the third contestant to participate in the on-field promotion. Starting at the opposite end of the field, Gordon threw a pass to the 36-yard line, then punted it downfield. He won the dough after he successfully kicked it through the uprights from the 22-yard line.

Tyler Jeffs, an agent with Farm Bureau Financial Services, assisted the Emery
Girls Softball Team with securing coverage for their promotion and provided color commentary for the on-field skills contest. According to Jeffs, “I’ve been using Odds On for years. I just love the service. Everyone in town knows to call me when they want to do this kind of a promotion. This is my second winner, and the claims process was just simple and straight forward.”

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