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Television Contest: $39K Prize Vault Promotion Insured by Odds On!

TV stations, are you looking for that one special television contest that will assist in driving traffic to local remotes?  If so, you’re in luck — check out the television contest that this TV station in Texas insured to achieve exactly that!

The television station began by advertising the chance to win big every Saturday during the month of February.  The  first 120 viewers to enter the door at each of four live appearance locations were given a chance to try and “crack the code”  by entering a 6-digit number of their choice into Odds On’s Plexiglass Prize Vault.

If a lucky viewer enters the same 6-digit number as Odds On’s preselected 6-digit number, it will mean an instant $39,000, courtesy of Telemundo Channel 39 and paid for by Odds On Promotions

Want To Run a Better Television Contest?

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