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Give your viewers the ultimate incentive to tune in…the chance to win a life-changing prize! Odds On Promotions has dozens of attention–getting contests and promotions to help you engage your viewers, drive traffic, maximize sponsorship and event opportunities, and ultimately, capture more advertising dollars.

Football Promotion Results in Ford for Oklahoma Woman

Football Promotion WinnerTulsa, Okla. – Congratulations to football promotion winner Lindsay Tally who won a brand-new Ford last Fall, courtesy of Oklahoma Ford Dealers in partnership with KOKI Fox 23, and paid for by Odds On Promotions.

Tally won her new ride, valued at $45,000, as part of the Oklahoma Ford Kickoff & Win Sweepstakes, a season-long football promotion based around Fox’s Saturday night college football “Game of the Week”.

To participate, every week viewers visited the station’s website contest page and completed a quick registration form. Each week, the station would select one contestant who had the chance to win the brand-new Ford if the Opening kickoff was returned for a touchdown, but would also win a guaranteed prize: a services certificate valued between $150 – $1140 at one of the participating dealerships. In addition to the weekly prizes, everyone who participated also was entered to win a Bonus Prize at the end of the season: a $500 service certificate, a Yeti cooler and two tailgate chairs.

Football Promotion IdeasOn October 28, Saquon Barkley returned a 97-yard opening kickoff for a touchdown, during the Penn State vs Ohio State football game, winning Tally her brand-new Ford. Watch her pick up the keys to her new ride!

Looking for a football promotion that will help you drive in-store or web traffic from now until Super Sunday? Odds On Promotions can help. To learn more, email or give Odds On Promotions a call today at 1-888-827-2249.

Dice Roll Promotion – Steal This Idea: Winner Wonderland

dice roll promotion - winner wonderlandWhat do you get when mix together a classic childhood fairytale, three enormous customized dice, and a giant-prize insured by Odds On Promotions? A $100,000 Winner Wonderland! This December a casino property gave qualifying players the chance to roll and win the big bucks in an Alice in Wonderland themed dice roll promotion.

Every Saturday night the casino selected three lucky contestants who got the chance to roll a set of customized oversized dice, provided by Odds On Promotions. If a lucky player could roll a winning combination of logos they’d score the $100K grand prize, paid for by Odds On. While no one took home the giant prize, the casino ensured that everyone took home a generous cash consolation prize based on what they rolled.

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Pick the Pros Promotion: Pro Football Challenge Mobile Edition

pick the pros promotion - PFC MobileRun a $100K Pick the Pros Promotion
All for Just $75 a Week

Drive traffic to sponsor locations for 17 weeks, build a database, and give your fans the chance to win up $100,000 in cash and prizes, all for just $75 a week, with Odds On’s rewarding new mobile football promotion, Pro Football Challenge.

Advertise your big prize “pick ’em” football promotion and invite your fans to download the app at selected sponsor locations. Fans make their picks, and track their standings on the in-app leaderboard. The app’s geolocation option requires fans to be on-site to make their picks, driving traffic to your sponsor’s location up to 7 days a week, while bounce back coupons and customizable branding will showcase your sponsor’s investment.

Your fans and sponsors will love this easy-to-play pick the pros promotion! Fans not only get the chance to win $10K just for downloading the app, but every week during the NFL season they’ll also get the chance to win $1K for picking a perfect week and shot at scoring $100K for making 205 correct predictions for the season.

Best of all, every prize will be paid for by Odds On Promotions.

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Summer Media Promotions for Radio, TV Stations & Newspapers

summer media promotions - dice rollSummer Media Promotions:
Win a Fiat, Ford, or Harley on the Fourth

Here’s one of our summer media promotions that’s easy to adjust for any sponsor… a giant prize dice roll. Qualify your contestants on-air in June, rewarding them with a patriotic themed station or small cash prize, and an invitation to a party on the 4th. If a lucky fan can roll a winning combination of logos, your call sign or letters (i.e. F-IA-T, F-O-R-D, or H-A-R-L-E-Y) they walk away with the prize, and Odds On will write the check!

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summer media promotions - lucky lunchboxLucky Lunch Box or Backpack

Here’s a perfect promotion for malls and other stores/sponsors looking to run “back-to-school” or “tax holiday” sales in August: a Lucky Lunch Box or Big Prize Backpack promotion. If a lucky contestant can find the lunch boxes or back packs containing the winning combination of symbols, they’ll score the ultimate back-to-school shopping spree, paid for by Odds On Promotions.

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summer media promotions - super 7 slotSuper 7 Slot

Imagine the traffic you’ll get when you give everyone who stops by your store the chance to spin the reels and win a giant prize! With Odds On’s customizable Prize Slot, you can give everyone the chance to score a jumbo jackpot, paid for by Odds On, or one of up to five self-sponsored consolation prizes simply for pressing a button. And, when the pay table says you’ve got a winner, Odds On will be there to write the check. One of our personal favorite summer media promotions!

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Golf Shootout Promotion Insured by TV Station: Text, Watch & Win

golf shootout promotion - FOX 29Looking for an innovative way to drive tune-in? Want to highlight your participation in a golf event or help raise money for a good cause? Give your audience the chance to win big this summer with a 50/50 golf shootout promotion.

golf shootout promotion - 2This February during the Honda Classic, Fox 29 WFLX gave three lucky viewers the chance to win $500K for themselves and $500K for charity, in a million-dollar Text, Watch and Win Hole In One Contest. Daily during the contest qualification period, viewers were prompted to text a secret word, which was revealed during the morning news, for their chance to win prizes. Lucky finalists not only received a Honda Classic Party 4-pack, they were also entered for a chance to participate in the charity golf shoot-out. While no one aced the shot, the golf shootout promotion was an effective way for the station to maximize its visibility throughout the tournament and engage both station viewers and golf fans. (Check out the station’s on-air prompt and the lucky finalist’s shots at the link below.)

While you may not have a PGA golf event headed to your town, a 50/50 shootout can easily be adapted to highlight your station’s sponsorship or participation in any charity golf event. Or, you can build a similar promotion as part of a sponsorship package for a local golf shop, golf resort or golf course.

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