Online Prediction Contest Insured by Radio Station

Looking to stir up a bit of buzz in your market while driving traffic to your website?  Chris Gardiner, Northeast and Midwest Business Development Manager, shares  how one Philadelphia sports station combined a giant prize with a crazy contest, in order to make a losing season a little less disappointing (and a whole lot more rewarding) for football fans …

Online Prediction Contest: Three Guesses for $10,000!

Online Prediction Contest - Philadelphia EaglesFor 5 days this December listeners of a Philadelphia sports radio station were directed to the station’s website to enter their email address and take their best guess as to who the next Head Coach, Offensive Coordinator and Defensive Coordinator of the Philadelphia Eagles would be… even though the current coach hadn’t yet been sacked!  On the final day of the promotion, 5 lucky registrants were selected to become eligible for a chance to win the insured prize: $10,000, compliments of Odds On!

And now we wait … until May 1, 2013, when it’s expected that the three positions will have been filled and if any of those 5 lucky contestants has selected a winning combination of names, they will score $10,000 paid for by Odds On Promotions.

As you can see, your online prediction contest can be based around, well, anything!  So, whether you want your listeners to predict winners of the GRAMMY Awards, Academy Awards, or the Men’s NCAA Basketball Tournament, Odds On can customize an online prediction contest for you within minutes!

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