Casino Holiday Promotions: Flurries of Cash and Prizes Await!

Casino Holiday Promotion - Super Prize Wheel$100,000 Merry Giftmas
December Wheel Spin Promotion

Looking for casino holiday promotions this season? Give your players the chance to have a very merry December with Odds On’s holiday-themed Virtual Super Prize Wheel! Insurable up to $1,000,000, you’ll qualify your players and give them the chance to spin and win free play, gift cards, and everyone’s favorite holiday treat: cold hard cash! Best of all, when a lucky player racks up a winning combination, Odds On will be there to write a check for your grand prize. This holiday Virtual Super Prize Wheel offers a crowd-pleasing 50″ Touchscreen, a 36″ LCD Scoreboard display, and a tidy 4′ W x 1.5′ D x 9′ H footprint.

Make this one even more entertaining by having a Santa emcee a holiday spin-off between competing players and have “elves” on hand to award your guaranteed secondary prizes.

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Casino Holiday Promotion - Playoff Pick 'emPlayoff Payoff
Football Pick ’em Playoff Edition

This year, over 41,000 casino players are participating in Odds On’s Pro Football Challenge at numerous casinos across the country! Wish you could get in on the action? It’s not too late! You can still capitalize on the excitement surrounding the NFL season by running a “pick ’em” promotion from the playoffs right on through to Super Sunday! With Odds On’s Pro Football Challenge – Playoff Edition, every Monday – Friday during the playoffs, players will swipe their card at your countertop or free-standing kiosk, select the winners of the upcoming games, and then answer a variety of prop and fantasy style questions about each game. If a lucky player can pick ’em right, they’ll be the post-season MVP, and Odds On will write the check. Already running Pro Football Challenge? Contact us to extend your season.

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Casino Holiday Promotions - Flurries of CashFlurries of Cash
Swipe and Win Traffic-Driver

Here’s one of our revenue-driving casino holiday promotions that’s designed to work anytime from November to March, Odds On’s Flurries of Cash Swipe, Play and Win Game. To participate, players just swipe their club card and get the chance to “pick” a lucky snowflake and win up to $100,000, paid for by Odds On. Customize this game to award cash, points, gift certificates or electronics based upon your budget and your preferred participating criteria (i.e. earn 100 points, get a free play). After playing, contestants receive a three-part ticket featuring a customizable prize coupon, a collect to win game piece and an optional drawing ticket.

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