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Football Playbook


Score traffic and revenue with a giant prize football promotion from Odds On Promotions. Check out these fun and affordable insured prize ideas!

Pick the Pros Contest


Pro Football Challenge

Drive daily visits for seventeen weeks with our kiosk based "Pick the Pros" style promotion. Customers get one free chance per day to pick the winners of the Sunday and Monday games. Add up to a $1,000,000 season ending insured prize for picking the correct number of winners. Award weekly prizes for the best (and worst) scores and watch your daily traffic skyrocket. more>>

Pick the Pros Contest


Pro Football Challenge - PLAYOFF EDITION

Extend your Pro Football Challenge daily traffic all the way through Super Sunday! Customers get one free chance per day, Mondays-Fridays, to pick the winners of the upcoming playoff games along with various prop and fantasy type questions applicable to those games. Add up to a $100,000 insured prize and bonus plays for coin-in thresholds and watch your football season success skyrocket.

Pick the Pros Contest


College Football Challenge

The Odds On Promotions’ College Football Challenge game is a fun, easy and fully-automated “pick ‘em” style football promotion. Players simply swipe their card, make their picks, and collect a receipt featuring their own weekly picks, prior week’s results and year-to-date standings.

Pigskin Wheel Spin


Pigskin Spin

Want to put a whole new spin on your football marketing? Drive traffic and play this football season with Pigskin Spin. Qualified players just spin our football-themed Super Prize Wheel to see how many yards they can move "downfield". If a lucky player advances exactly 100 yards or more in 4 spins, they'll score a TOUCHDOWN and win your grand prize—paid for by Odds On! more>>


Game Day Game Boards

Fill your floor Sundays and Mondays with a Plays that Pay or Rushing for Riches larger than life game board contest. Draw contestants at the end of each quarter to play. Contestants get to “rush” down field by selecting envelopes towards a pile of cash and prizes!  If they can take it to the house, they’ll win the house... or whatever you’d like to give away! And no worries, Odds On will pick up the tab! more>>


Football Fury

Promote return visits and increase coin in every day throughout the seventeen week season with a football themed Swipe Play & Win kiosk promotion. No football knowledge required to play this simple selection game with revenue driving assests built in and A rated prize insurance to cover up to a $1,000,000 grand prize. more>>


Football VSW Contest


Pick 6 Football

Give players a daily chance to win cash and prizes with our football themed Video Scratch & Win kiosk game, Pick 6. If customers unveil six grand prize symbols (footballs or customized helmets), they’ll win the insured grand prize. Offer bonus plays based on coin in and self-insured secondary prizes and you’re guaranteed to have a season-long promo that drives traffic and increases play! more>>

Score Big Pull Tab Cards


Score Big Pull Tab Cards

Make every player feel like a winner during the football season with an affordable and completely customizable pull-tab card promotion. Hand out cards with every hand-paid jackpot, for meeting a pre-determined point criteria or for joining your club. Players simply pull off the tabs to reveal what they have won based on your custom prize matrix. more>>

Lucky Squares


Lucky Squares

Add the excitement of oversized prizes to your football pool with Lucky Squares. We’ll send you a custom football pool grid with a mystery square worth up to $50,000 or more! If the final score falls on the preselected square, the owner of that square wins the giant prize – paid for by Odds On! more>>

Scoreboard Payoff Pull Tab


Scoreboard Payoff Pull Tabs

Looking for a fast and easy way to make everyone feel like a winner during football season? Look no further than Odds On Promotions’ Scoreboard Payoff pull tab cards. Players just pull to reveal a set of numbers for each quarter. If the last digit of each teams score matches three quarters, they’ll win $1,000. Match all four, and they’ll score up to $25,000. Both prizes paid for by Odds On Promotions, of course. more>>




Football Blitz Football Promotion






Football Blitz

Drive more foot traffic by by giving your players the chance to win up to $1,000,000 in cash and prizes with Odds On's Football Blitz Zoom Ball promotion. Fast-playing and action-packed, players just press the giant red button activating the machine's ball blower and start rooting for a winning combination of balls to fill the machine's "Zoom Zone". If a lucky player lands all six winning balls in the "Zone", they'll win your giant-insured prize, paid for by Odds On.  more>>



Rushing for Riches Football Promotion






Rushing for Riches

Get players "rushing" in to your property this football season with our electronic-Game Board promotion, Rushing for Riches! Qualified players select "helmets" on the game's eye-popping 80" screen, unveiling various dollar amounts. If the total value revealed by your contestant adds up to $500, they win the grand prize, up to $100,000, paid for by Odds On Promotions. Or, they will take home the total dollar value they accumulated as their reward for playing. more>>


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Football Playbook

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