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Holiday Promotions

Want more traffic and sales this holiday season? Odds On Promotions can help! We have dozens of creative, holiday-themed contests and promotions that will help you capture attention, drive traffic and ring up increased sales from Thanksgiving right on through to New Year’s Day. And best of all, when you have a big winner, we’ll be there to pay for the prize – up to $1,000,000!



Holiday Cascading Dice Machine

Looking for an easy and effective holiday promotion that won't break the bank? Check out our Cascading Dice Machine! Just place this machine on a table top or counter and advertise the chance to win $100K just for stopping by. Customers can blow on the dice for good luck, place them into the hopper, and then press the button releasing a cascade of excitement along with a chance to win a life-changing prize, paid for by Odds On. Learn more and see more themes.


Cascading Dice Machine - Holiday


Holiday Rebate

Want to stand out from your competitors this Holiday Season? Put Mother Nature to work for you with a Conditional Rebate Sale! Simply advertise the chance to receive a 100% rebate on all purchases made during your "Let It Snow Rebate" sales event and if  there's a record-breaking snowfall or low temperature on your chosen date (i.e . Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, etc.).  Odds On will be there to write a check to cover every purchase made! Can also be used to “rebate” customers if there is fair weather as well (i.e. buy today and if there’s not XX inches of snow by XYZ, you’ll get 100% rebate).  View a Sample Advertisement.


Black Friday Rebates


Holiday Cash

‘Tis the season to give your customers the chance to Scratch, Match & Win some Holiday Cash! Odds On will create a custom Scratch, Match and Win card to distribute to consumers/patrons. Advise contestants to be present to watch a video reveal at a predetermined time or to visit your website or facebook fan page to check their numbers. If the numbers on the contestant’s card match those revealed, they score some holiday dough, and Odds On Promotions will be there to pay for the prize! The back of each card is customizable to either have a contact form for running a “return to win” drawing or a bounce-back coupon to pique those post-holiday sales. 

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Holiday Prize Slot

Just imagine the traffic you'll get this holiday season when you give everyone who attends your next event the chance to score a jumbo jackpot, paid for by Odds On Promotions. With Odds On's customizable Prize Slot, you can give everyone who visits your location the chance to spin the reels and win big. And when the pay table says you've got a grand prize winner, Odds On will be there to write the check!

Christmas Prize Slot



Santa Stops Scratch & Win

Holiday Scratch & Win Cards are a fun and effective way to drive traffic to sponsor locations and reward fans during the holiday season! Cards can be customized to feature sponsor(s) logos or a post-holiday bounce-back offer. Each card features a registration area on the reverse to build a marketing database or to run a secondary drawing—all for just pennies per card! And when a lucky fan unveils a grand-prize winning combination of symbols, Odds On will be there to write the check. See all Scratch Card Games.




What's In Santa's Sleigh Lucky List

Drive traffic to your website, social media page or brick and mortar locations this holiday season by giving your customers the chance to win "everything" on their holiday wish list with Odds On's online Lucky List promotion. You'll select 10 incredible prizes, such as $500 gift cards, 3-D televisions, all-expense paid vacations, brand new cars, you name it - and we'll put them in a predetermined secret order. If one of your contestants can put your list of prizes in just the right order, Odds On will play Santa and give them everything on their list!


Holiday Luck List



Holiday Zoom Ball

What better way to drive traffic or reward consumers than by giving them the chance to win $1,000,000 or a series of cool holiday gifts! With Odds On’s fast-paced and action-packed Holiday Zoom Ball, if your player lands 5 or 6 red balls in the Zoom Zone, they’ll win holiday cash worth up to $1,000,000 - and Odds On Promotions will write the check. Award iPads, HDTVs, points, slot play, and other consolation prizes based on how many balls end up in the Zoom Zone. Click here to view all available Zoom Ball games.

Zoom Ball


Holiday Cash Vault

Give your customers the chance to win incredible prizes with Odds On’s new Prize Vault promotion. Perfect for creating attention-grabbing in-store promotions, the Prize Vault is an affordable way to give a large number of contestants the chance to win anything worth up to $1,000,000, paid for by Odds On. Simply place a replica of the prize to be given away inside the plexiglass Prize Vault and advertise the chance to win.   Contestants approach the Vault and enter a set of lucky digits on the touchscreen. If a lucky customer can correctly guess the winning combination, he or she will win big, and Odds On Promotions will write the check. Click here to see all Prize Vault game options.


Prize Vault



Gingerbread Bucks & Pick Your Present Lucky Envelopes

Showcase your merchandise, brand, stores or sponsors while giving your customers (or listeners and viewers) the chance to win up to $1,000,000, courtesy of Odds On! Odds On Promotions will ship you a game board along with our Lucky Envelopes, each containing a different dollar amount. Qualify your contestants in any way you choose and invite your finalists back for a chance to "Pick a Present". Contestants then select three envelopes from the game board, and if the contents of the envelopes add up to 100, Odds On will reward them with the grand prize, up to a $1,000,000 prize. If they didn't find the correct three envelopes, they get to keep the amount revealed, or another prize based on the dollar total they have collected! Click here for more about lucky envelope promotions.


Gingerbread Bucks Gingerbread Bucks  




Winning Wonderland

Turn your business into a Winning Winter Wonderland with Odds On Promotions' Video Scratch and Win Game where your customers win prizes based on how many “presents” they can unveil on the game’s touchscreen grid. If they find all six, they’ll take home the $100,000 grand prize, courtesy of Odds On. The game can be programmed to award up to six consolation prizes and/or bounce-back offers in any number you choose. Best of all, it plays a catchy holiday tune!  Click here for more game themes available.


Winning Wonderland Lite Kiosk    Present Pick Tablet

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