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Odds On Promotions’ customizable video scratch and win games are designed to increase traffic, build excitement and generate sales in any venue.

Black Friday Promotion Idea: Video Scratch & Win

Black Friday Promotion - VSW

Looking for a Black Friday promotion idea for your business? Stand out from the crowd by giving shoppers the chance to win up to $100K, paid for by Odds On Promotions, with a Video Scratch & Win Tablet promotion!

Customers simply select six spots on the tablet’s touchscreen grid, winning prizes based upon how many symbols they reveal. If a lucky customer unveils six grand prize winning symbols, they’ll take home your insured prize up to $100,000, compliments of your business, and paid for by Odds On!

Best of all, you can reward shoppers for revealing fewer winning symbols with gift cards, merchandise discounts, bounce-back coupons and MORE, based on your own customizable prize matrix.

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Trade Show Promotion: $40K Video Scratch and Win Traffic Driver

trade show promotion - magic key vswLooking for a “magical” trade show promotion to insure at your next big event?  Damien Anderson, Internet Business Development Manager, is here to share a great contest with you, which comes from a food distributer in the Northeastern U.S.

I was contacted by a food distributor looking for ideas on how to increase traffic to their trade show booth.  I suggested running one of Odds On’s Countertop Kiosk promotions, utilizing our “Magic KeyVideo Scratch and Win contest!

Here’s how the trade show promotion worked: Attendees who stopped by their trade show booth were given a chance to select 6 spots on the kiosk game’s touchscreen.  If all 6 revealed winning ‘key’ symbols, they would have won the ‘keys’ to a $40,000 vehicle… paid for by Odds On Promotions!

When insuring one of Odds On’s Video Scratch and Win kiosk games, I always recommend that you hand out smaller, sponsor-insured auxiliary prizes for those participants who manage to unveil fewer winning symbols. After all, everyone loves free swag — and let’s face it, no one likes to walk away empty-handed!  Two for one coupons or discounts on purchases can be a great solution if you are on a budget.

More Trade Show Promotions…

Need more trade show promotion ideas for your upcoming show or other big event? Visit our website! We have a unique promotion for any/every type of business!

Interested in insuring a Video Scratch and Win promotion of your own? Check out the stock games we have to offer, or give us a call at 888-827-2249 to find out more about how we can custom design a game specifically for your business/organization!  We strongly encourage everyone to also email us with any questions you might have!

Check out a demo of our Magic Key VSW game:

Media Promotion: Radio Group Insures $50K VSW Contest at Trade Show!

media promotionsChris Gardiner, Northeast & Midwest Business Development Manager, is here to tell you how you can increase attendance to remotes, specifically trade show events, with a media promotion from Odds On Promotions!

Big Money Media Promotion –  for Pennies per Play

In celebration of this trade show’s 50th Anniversary event, one of my radio group decided to give one lucky attendee a chance at winning — you guessed it — $50K.  The client selected Odds On’s Video Scratch and Win promotion, “Show Me the Money!”

Attendees who showed up at the radio station’s booth had the opportunity to select 6 spots on the Video Scratch and Win game’s touchscreen.  If the six spots they selected each revealed a stack of bills, they would have been an instant $50,000 winner… and Odds On would have proudly written a check for the prize amount!  While unfortunately, there was no grand prize winner, the radio station and trade show both ended up handing out some fabulous auxiliary prizes to those who managed to reveal a lesser number of winning symbols, to ensure that no one left empty-handed that day!

Interested In Insuring a Media Promotion?
Check out the media contests and promotions we have to offer, then give us a call at 888-827-2249 for a free, no-obligation quote!  You’ll definitely also want to check out the other Video Scratch and Win games we have available, as well as watch the live demo of Show Me the Money below.  You can also email us at any time if you have questions!

Fishing Promotion Insured by Montana Insurance Agency

fishing promotion - casting for cash VSWThinking about insuring a fishing promotion at your upcoming tournament?

When people think about the kinds of fishing promotions they can insure, most automatically look at running a state record contest or a matching weight promotion.

But Odds On has a variety of contests and promotions that can be customized to suit your fishing event including Dice Rolls, Lucky Envelopes contests and even a brand new game called “Casting for Cash.”

Casting for Cash is a customizable Video Scratch & Win promotion that will allow you to give every angler in your event the chance to win a variety of insured and self-sponsored prizes! If a lucky tournament participant happens to “reel” in 6 winning symbols on the game’s touchscreen, they will take home a grand prize, paid for by Odds On Promotions.

A Fishing Promotion for Everyone in Your Tournament

An insurance agency in Montana recently teamed up with a local tournament giving every angler in the event the chance to win a brand new fishing boat, valued at $35,000, for selecting 6 spots on the Video Scratch & Win game’s touchscreen.  While there wasn’t a grand prize winner, the fishing tournament was a success and there were several close calls, so the tournament awarded a number of self-sponsored prizes for those anglers who found fewer than 6 winning symbols.

Interested in learning more about Casting for Cash?  Give Odds On Promotions a call today at 888-827-2249 for a free, no-obligation quote!  Or, you can email us for more information or with any questions you may have!

P.S. Looking for more traditional fishing contests? Be sure to check out more of the fishing promotions we have to offer!

Media Promotions for April and May!

media promotionsLooking for some media promotions to insure this April or May?  Looking to sell a bit more airtime to tax prep services? Want a clever promotion for Opening Day, Cinco de Mayo or Mother’s Day? Need a promotion that will help your clients move more merchandise on Memorial Day weekend? Then it’s time to give Odds On Promotions a call.

Check out these tune-in, sales and traffic drivers and give us a call at 888-827-2249 for a custom-designed contest to suit your client’s budget and marketing goals, or simply click on any of the contest names below for more information!



media promotionsOpening Day
Give baseball fans the chance to win a new car, a new house or even $1,000,000, paid for by Odds On Promotions! Whether you’re looking for a promotion that will get fans fired up for the first game of the season, need a contest that will showcase your client’s or station’s sponsorship or just want to support your local team, Odds On Promotions has a promotion for you.  Be sure to check out our Top 6 Baseball Promotions!

media promotions - lime tossCindo de Milliones
Qualify your contestants online or on air, awarding gift cards, provided by a participating sponsor, and an invitation to your Cinco de Milliones Celebration. On the night of your big event, have all your qualifiers toss a tortilla. Whoever flings it the furthest, will get to take a shot at tossing a lime into a margarita glass to win a million pesos, paid for by Odds On Promotions!

media promotionsMemorial Day
Give sponsors the chance to giveaway up to $100,000 at their Memorial Day Sale with Odds On’s Money Match Video Scratch & Win game. Customers select six spots on the game’s touchscreen, winning different prizes based upon how many correct prize symbols they find. Find all six winning symbols and Odds On Promotions will pick up the tab!