Number Match Promotion Valued at $50K Insured at Boat Show

Participating in a large event, such as a trade show?  Why not incentivize attendees to visit your booth by insuring a grand prize number match promotion with Odds On Promotions, like this Florida boat dealer did at their local boat show!

number match promotionHere’s exactly how it worked: the client’s local newspaper printed 10,000 inserts for distribution in the Sunday paper prior to the boat show.  Each insert contained a unique 6-digit number.  Readers who attended the boat show would present their newspaper insert and use Odds On’s handheld verification unit to enter in their 6-digit number.  If the number they entered ended up matching Odds On’s preselected 6-digit number, then that lucky attendee would have scored $50,000… compliments of Odds On Promotions!

While unfortunately, no one managed to guess the lucky number, traffic was still increased to the boat show and the promotion generated much excitement among attendees!

Other than a number match promotion, what else can I insure at my event?

Aside from our number match promotion, there are plenty of other contests which can be insured at any trade show or event!  Whether it’s one of our stock Video Scratch & Win promotions (or a custom one of your own!) or one of our many Lucky Envelopes contests available, we have a promotion for you!  Have a promotion idea of your own?  Feel free to share it with us — we’ll help you price it out and insure it!

Interested in insuring a number match promotion at your next big event?  Give Odds On a call today at 888-827-2249 for a free, no-obligation quote… or email us for more information!