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Odds On Promotions has dozens of attention–grabbing newspaper contests and promotions to help you drive traffic, engage your readers, capture more newspaper advertising dollars, maximize sponsorship and event opportunities, and ultimately, increase circulation.

Summer Media Promotions for Radio, TV Stations & Newspapers

summer media promotions - dice rollSummer Media Promotions:
Win a Fiat, Ford, or Harley on the Fourth

Here’s one of our summer media promotions that’s easy to adjust for any sponsor… a giant prize dice roll. Qualify your contestants on-air in June, rewarding them with a patriotic themed station or small cash prize, and an invitation to a party on the 4th. If a lucky fan can roll a winning combination of logos, your call sign or letters (i.e. F-IA-T, F-O-R-D, or H-A-R-L-E-Y) they walk away with the prize, and Odds On will write the check!

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summer media promotions - lucky lunchboxLucky Lunch Box or Backpack

Here’s a perfect promotion for malls and other stores/sponsors looking to run “back-to-school” or “tax holiday” sales in August: a Lucky Lunch Box or Big Prize Backpack promotion. If a lucky contestant can find the lunch boxes or back packs containing the winning combination of symbols, they’ll score the ultimate back-to-school shopping spree, paid for by Odds On Promotions.

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summer media promotions - super 7 slotSuper 7 Slot

Imagine the traffic you’ll get when you give everyone who stops by your store the chance to spin the reels and win a giant prize! With Odds On’s customizable Prize Slot, you can give everyone the chance to score a jumbo jackpot, paid for by Odds On, or one of up to five self-sponsored consolation prizes simply for pressing a button. And, when the pay table says you’ve got a winner, Odds On will be there to write the check. One of our personal favorite summer media promotions!

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Scratch Card Contest Run By CW28 Providence

scratch card contest - cw28Looking for an innovative way to drive tune-in during selected day parts? CW 28 in Providence is giving shoppers at the Providence Place mall, the chance to win big with Odds On’s Scratch, Match and Win cards. To boost visibility and drive tune-in, the station is insuring a scratch card contest and distributing customized scratch cards outside the food court at a local mall. Card holders scratch their cards and watch on the selected days during targeted shows, for the lucky numbers to be revealed. If the numbers on their scratch card, match the numbers revealed on air, the card holder will win $28,000, paid for by Odds On Promotions. Click the links below to learn more about insuring your own scratch card contest!

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Media Promotion Ideas: See What’s Hot This Season…

Looking for some media promotion ideas that will increase tune-in, CUME, readership and more?  This Fall, give your viewers, readers and/or listeners the chance to win trips to exciting destinations, new cars, holiday shopping sprees, even $1,000,000 with a little help from Odds On Promotions! Check out some of our most popular media promotion ideas below by clicking on the title of the promotion.


media promotion ideas - lucky envMonday Night Match Up
Add the thrill of a giant prize promotion to any Monday or Thursday Night  Football live appearance or big game party with Odds On’s Lucky Envelopes! We’ll  send you 32 envelopes, each one containing the name of a NFL team. If a lucky contestant can pick the names of the two teams scheduled to play that night, they’ll win big bucks and we’ll be there to write the check for the prize.


media promotion ideas - footballFootball Field of Dreams
Put your station and contest sponsor at centerfield while giving sports fans the ultimate thrill – the chance to Pass, Punt or Kick (or Pass, Punt and Kick) their way to amazing prizes, paid for by Odds On. If a lucky fan has the skills, they’ll drive home a winner, paid for by Odds On!  Feel free to watch a winner!


media promotion ideas - crypt of cashCrypt of Cash and Prizes
This October, give your audience the chance to crack the code on a crypt or coffin full of cash, courtesy of Odds On Promotions! Contestants approach the Cash Crypt (aka the Prize Vault), and enter their choice of digits. If a lucky fan has the winning combination, he or she will score your grand prize, and Odds On will write the check. Game can be programmed to award consolation prizes. Looking to go big? Our hand held number verification machine can be installed on your very own crypt, cauldron or treasure tomb.  Be sure to check out our other Halloween promotion ideas!

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Lucky Envelopes Promotions for Every Business!

lucky envelopes - pumpkin pickScare up more traffic and sales this October with a Lucky Envelopes promotion! Not only are Lucky Envelopes a fun and affordable way to reward customers, drive traffic, and create a buzz about your business, but they can easily be customized to suit any situation, business, budget or event …

It all starts with selecting the right Lucky Envelopes game and the attention-getting grand prize of your choice.

Check out a few of our favorite October Lucky Envelope promotions below…


Simple & Affordable: The Lucky Pumpkin Pick … 
It doesn’t get any easier than this! Purchase a bunch of plastic trick-or-treat “pumpkins” and create a “Patch of Cash and Prizes” display.  Place a Lucky Envelope in each pumpkin. If a lucky contestant picks the right pumpkin, they’ll score your grand prize. Or take home a smaller consolation prize.


lucky envelopes promotion - truck or treatTruck or Treat Promotion:  Qualify 2 contestants in any manner you choose and then give them each the chance to select from a series of Halloween “treat” bags placed on display. Inside each bag you’ll place a Lucky Envelope that contains either the word “Treat” and a number (dollar value)  or the word “Truck”. Your contestants will each pick a bag and simultaneously open their “envelopes”.  If they pick just right, they’ll each bag a new truck  – paid for by Odds On. Or, they’ll take home the self-sponsored consolation prize. This promotion can be adjusted to suit any budget and feature your choice of grand or consolation prizes… up to $1,000,000. 




lucky envelopes promotion - cauldronCauldron of Cash and Prizes: In this Lucky Envelope game, which features an optional customizable gameboard, qualifying contestants get to select three Lucky Envelopes, each of which holds a dollar amount.  If the total adds up to $100, they’ll score $100,000, paid for by Odds On! Or, they will take home the total of the dollar amount as a self-sponsored consolation prize. Again, prizes and totals can be customized (i.e. $310 or $1,300, etc) to suit your budget and event.  



lucky envelopes promotion - monster cashMonster Cash! Ready to go big with your next Lucky Envelopes promotion? Check out Monster Cash, where if a lucky contestant finds a winning combination of monsters, they’ll score one of three monster cash prizes!  Here’s how it works!  Odds On will ship you a customizable game board and one set of Lucky Envelopes for every contestant.  Inside each Lucky Envelope is one of three different “monster” symbols, each representing one of the three prizes you’d like to give away – one insured grand prize and two self-sponsored consolation prizes. Contestants then select and open Lucky Envelopes until they have collected 5 of any single symbol, winning the indicated prize. If they pick just right, they’ll bag your grand prize – insurable for up to $1,000,000, and paid for by Odds On.  Again, this promotion can be adjusted to suit any budget and feature your choice of grand or consolation prizes.

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P.S.  Need a Halloween alternative? Ask about our Feathers of Fortune game!
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Media Promotion: Online Lucky List

media promotion - online lucky listLooking for a winning media promotion this April or May?  Grab share while driving traffic to your website, your sponsor’s website and/or your sponsor’s store front with one of Odds On Promotions’ affordable online Lucky List contests.

Audience members tune-in daily to get the Prize Code of the Day or visit a participating sponsor’s location to pick up a Prize Code of the Week, which activates the game. After completing a quick customizable online registration, contestants will “drag and drop” ten items into an online list.

If one of your selected contestants has placed the 10 items in the winning order, they will win your grand prize, and Odds On Promotions will pick up the tab.

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