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Lucky Envelopes

This is a great promotion which can be adapted to any situation. Qualify finalists through a registration process, a particular purchase made, a random drawing - whatever means appropriate - for the chance to pick the lucky envelope and win up to $1,000,000. In addition to the grand prize, you can insure secondary prizes as well as offer sponsor-donated prizes in the remaining envelopes.

Envelope Gameboard Contest Supply

Step by Step:


Select an envelope game below, insured grand prize, and several self-insured consolation prizes geared for excitement.  


Advertise the chance to win big prizes at your event.


Place the envelopes on display in the container of your choice.


When your contestant selects the winning envelope or combination thereof, Odds On will be there to pay for the prize!

Envelope Games


Pick X of X

Just as the name says, contestants pick 1 of 100, 2 of 10, 3 of 20 or any other combination you can think of.  Each group of envelopes contains the exact number of winning prize symbols.

Pick 'Til You Win

This lucky envelope game will build suspense and excitement by keeping your contestants playing for 5-10 minutes.  Contestants start with Forty (40) envelopes and open one envelope at a time unveiling one of three different prizes at stake. The first prize selected five times is the one they walk away with. Grand prize paid for by Odds On, of course!

50/50 Game

This game is simple to run and easy for contestants to understand.  Contestants are asked to choose One (1) of Two (2) envelopes displayed on Level 1.  If they select the correct envelope they move up to the next level and repeat the process until they reach the top level and win the grand prize, paid for by Odds On.

Prize Pyramid

Similar to the 50/50 Game, contestants move “up” a pyramid of cash or prizes by choosing an envelope on each row that contains the grand prize symbol. As they make their way up the pyramid, the number of envelopes to choose from gets smaller and the odds of winning get bigger!  If the contestant picks them right all the way up to the top, they’ll take home the grand prize and we fork over the dough.

Match & Win

It doesn’t get any easier than this. Contestants pick three envelopes out of 20. If they locate the three matching symbols they win, and Odds On hands over the dough.

3-Card Monte

Fun and flexible, the object of this envelope game is for your contestants to locate 3 matching playing cards out of total of 20 (or 21) envelopes in order to win big.  And when your contestant finds all three, they’ll win big and Odds On will pay out – up to a million bucks.

Cash Is King

In this rewarding envelope game, the goal is to find $1,000 total in order to win a giant prize! Contestants select 3 envelopes out of a total of 20, each of which contains a dollar amount.  If the total of the three envelopes is over $1,000, they lose (or win an ancillary prize).  If it’s less than $1,000 they win the amount they’ve revealed. But, if your contestant can total $1,000 - they win up to $1,000,000 paid for by Odds On.

Party Pick

Here is a great promotion that will give several lucky contestants the chance to share in a giant prize. Arrange 25 money bags in a display at your event then choose 10 lucky finalists each of whom will select one of the bags. If your ten finalists can find 5 winning bags, they’ll share in the grand prize and Odds On will hand over the cash.

Poker Pick

This poker-themed envelope game gives contestants five different ways to win. Your contestants select five envelopes from a total of 20, each filled with a card (four Aces, four Kings, four Queens, four Jacks and four 10s).  If they draw a three of kind they win $1000, a straight is worth $2000, a full house is $3000, while a four of a kind is worth $25,000. If your lucky contestant draws a Royal, they’ll win a $1,000,000 and Odds On will fork over the dough.

Monday Night Match-Up

Here’s a fun way to add excitement to your Sunday and Monday Night Football parties. We’ll send you 32 envelopes, each one containing the name of a NFL team.  If a lucky contestant can pick the names of the two teams scheduled to play that night, they’ll win big bucks and we’ll hand over the cash.

Super Sunday Match-Up

Similar to Monday Night Match-Up, this game gives contestants the chance to win big if they can pick the right two teams, except this time contestants get to choose one envelope from a pile marked NFC and the other from a pile marked AFC.


Stock Gameboard Options

Odds On has a variety of game themes to choose from. Or, if you are looking for a signature promotion themed around your property, our team of marketing and design pros will work with you to develop a custom Game Board game designed exclusively for you.


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