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Odds On Promotions’ customizable video scratch and win games are designed to increase traffic, build excitement and generate sales in any venue.

Casinos: Throw A 1/2 Way To New Year’s Eve Party This June!

Why wait until December to party? Give your VIPs a reason to celebrate at your place this June with Odds On’s Party Fever Pick ‘Til You Win Virtual Envelopes Game. It’s easy to play!

Your contestant simply pops virtual balloons on a 46” inch monitor, collecting winning symbols.  Whichever five symbols the player selects first will be the prize they win!

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Promotion Ideas For Your Next Fair, Expo or Trade Show!

Exhibiting at your local auto or boat show? Looking to boost traffic to your home & garden expo or bridal fair? Need to give customers a reason to visit your booth at an upcoming industry trade show?  A giant prize promotion is an effective tool that can help you drive traffic and sales!

During the past few years, many organizations have reduced the total number of shows where they’re exhibiting in order to save money. While being selective about which shows you attend is one way to stretch your budget, as you limit the number of shows where you are exhibiting it become increasingly important that you generate a greater return on investment from each show you are still attending.  And, while driving booth traffic is paramount for exhibitors, boosting attendance rates at a given show or expo is important for event organizers and show promoters.

One solution that benefits both event organizers and exhibitors is running a promotion during the event.   By incorporating a giant prize or sales promotion into your pre-show marketing and advertising, you’ll be providing your target audience  with a compelling reason to attend the show and visit a particular booth.

For the past few years California-based Valerio Advertising has turned to Odds On Promotions to drive increased traffic to their events.  To ensure a big turnout at an upcoming boat show, Valerio is advertising that every show attendee will get the chance to win a $50K prize package, insured by Odds On Promotions.

Valerio is organizing a giant prize dice roll during the Northern Illinois Boat Show.  Each show attendee who registers will have a chance to roll 5 one-inch dice.  If the word ‘WIN’ lands face up on one die and the letters ‘B-O-A-T’ land face-up on the other four dice, then that individual will instantly win a boat, a trailer, and a  2012 Chevy Silverado 4×4 provided by Ray Chevrolet and paid for by Odds On Promotions!

Up in New England, attendees at the New England Home Show got the chance to win  $200,000 in a Video Scratch & Win  promotion insured by Odds On.  Registered attendees simply approached the table top game and selected 6 of 36 squares on a touchscreen.  If all six squares contained the winning  “stack of cash” symbols, then the attendee would become an instant winner… thanks to Odds On Promotions!

From making your pre-show marketing pieces more effective, to boosting the head count at your next industry event, Odds On has dozens of ways to help you create a buzz, drive booth traffic and capture more leads.  Email us today to request a copy of our Top Ten Ways to Drive Tradeshow Traffic or give us a call today at 888-827-2249 and we’ll help you select a promotion for your trade show that’s both cost-efficient and effective!

Catch Gold Fever: Grab More Play

What the hottest prize around? Gold! Casinos across the country are reporting that players have gold fever … and that 24kt prizes are driving measurable results. And really, is that any surprise? After all not only does gold lend itself to amazing floor displays and eye-catching advertising, it’s appreciating in value almost every day. Ready to cash in on the drawing power of gold? Check out these ideas, then give us a call and we’ll customize a promotion to suit your property and players!




Golden Ticket
Give way prizes even Willy Wonka would envy with Odds On’s Golden Ticket Pick ‘Til You Win game.  We’ll ship you 40 Lucky Envelopes each filled with three different “tickets”: a golden ticket, an airline ticket and a slot payout ticket. Invite your player to select and open envelopes until they have collected 5 matching symbols, winning the indicated prize. If your player finds the 5 golden tickets, they’ll score a “gold bar” worth up to $100,000 and Odds On promotions will pick up the tab. Award “airline” gift cards and free slot play based on your budget.
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Caribbean Treasure
Want a fun and easy way to drive midweek visits or reward your players for earning a predetermined number of points each day? Give players the chance to win a pirate’s booty with Odds On’s Caribbean Treasure Video Scratch and Win Game. If your customer can find the 6 lucky treasure chests on the touch screen, they’ll score a pirate’s ransom, and Odds On will pay for the prize and award up to six consolation prizes for finding fewer chests.
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Gold Bars, Bucks & Benz Giveaway
Treat your players to a Wild West themed-drawing where the grand prize is $60,000 in gold coins or a Mercedes-Benz and consolation prizes like Allen Brothers steaks and greenbacks! We’ll ship you 20 Lucky Envelopes each filled with a number. If your player can select the three envelopes that add up to 24kt, they’ll score their choice of the car or the coins, paid for by Odds On! Do this one in style by theming your a corner of your casino into the “Wild West” and letting players choose from 3 of 20 cowboy hats or 3 of 20 stacked “gold bars”.
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For more information on any of the above promotions, simply click on the ‘More Info’ link to email us!  Or give us a call at 888-827-2249 for a free, no-obligation quote!

Odds On Promotions

$50,000 Reindeer Riches. Great For Retailers This Holiday Season

Want more foot-traffic this holiday season? With Odds On Promotions’ Reindeer Riches Video Scratch & Win Game, you can give everyone who visits your store the chance to score the ultimate holiday reward: a $50,000 shopping spree, paid for by Odds On.

Customers simply approach the table top game, and select 6 squares on the touchscreen grid. If they find 6 of Santa’s reindeer, they’ll score your grand prize, and Odds On will write the check. Award pre-holiday shopping discounts and/or post-holiday bounce-back offers for finding fewer “reindeer” in order to drive repeat visits.

Interested in obtaining more information on this promotion?  Either email us or give us a call at 888-827-2249!  Happy Holidays!

Halloween Promotions

Looking for spooktacular ideas for boosting traffic and scaring up sales this October? Treat your customers to the chance to win amazing prizes and cold, hard cash, courtesy of Odds On Promotions. Check out these fun and affordable Halloween promotions.


Spooky Scratch and Win
Want to kill the competition? Check out Odds On’s Spooktacular Cash Machine where your customers get the chance to “scratch” and win cash and prizes up to a $100,000! Customers just select 6 spots on the Spooktacular Cash Machines’ touchscreen grid. If they can find the 6 hidden “spooks”, they’ll win the grand prize, and Odds On will write the check. Award smaller prizes for finding fewer ghosts and goblins.


Truck or Treat
Want to scare up some sales this October? How about running a Truck or Treat promotion. Working with your mail house or the local newspaper, create a sequentially numbered Halloween-themed mailer. Odds On will preselect a few winning numbers to post at your location. When a customer with a winning number comes in the door, they’ll win a truck (or some other big treat), and Odds On will pick up the tab. Consolation prizes may include free pumpkins, candy or a screaming good deal on their next purchase!


Trip or Treat
Get ready to bewitch your customers into visiting your location more often this month by giving them the chance to win luxurious vacations to destinations near and far. Odds On will ship you 40 Lucky Envelopes, each containing one of three prize symbols – one representing your grand prize (the trip of a lifetime) and two smaller self-insured “treats”. Contestants approach the Trip or Treat game board, and pick until they collect five matching symbols, winning the indicated prize. If they collect five “trips” before getting five “treats”, they’ll score a free vacation and Odds On will pay the fare.


Crypt of Cash and Prizes
On Halloween give your customers the chance to crack the code on a crypt or coffin full of cash, courtesy of Odds On Promotions! Contestants approach the Cash Crypt (aka the Prize Vault), and enter their favorite secret code. If someone has the winning combination of numbers, they score the prize, and Odds On covers the cost. The Cash Crypt can also be programmed to award a variety of consolation prizes. And be sure to ask about our hand held number verification machine, which can be installed on your very own “crypt” or “treasure tomb”.



For more information and pricing on any of the above promotions, feel free to give us a call at 888-827-2249 or simply email us!  And as always, if you have any ideas of your own, feel free to share them with us and we’ll help you obtain a free, no-obligation quote on those as well.  Have a Happy Halloween!