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Crack the Code Game: The Prize Vault

Regardless of your venue, the Prize Vault - Crack the Code game is a guaranteed winner. Advertise the chance to stop by your event, store, game, etc., and win up to $1,000,000. Players simply try to crack the code and WIN. If someone guesses the preselected number, your customer wins the prize and Odds On pays the price!


4' x 8' Deluxe Kiosk
Dual 27" Screens

Prize Vault Deluxe Kiosk

Countertop Lite Kiosk
15" Screen


Prize Vault Lite Kiosk

Countertop Vault
8" Tablet


Prize Vault


Code Breaking Games Step by Step:


Select your grand prize and consolation prizes. Then advertise the chance to win your fabulous prizes by attempting to crack the code.


Following the customized instructions on the Prize Vault’s lighted electronic display, patrons enter their choice of digits.


When someone cracks the grand prize winning code, they walk away a winner, paid for by Odds On.

Game Demo:

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"Contests like these add to the game, giving fans a high-quality event filled with excitement from start to finish. And, it is really valuable to sponsors when there is a winner."

-Justin Forde, Asst. Director of Marketing & Promotions

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