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Unique contests to fit any situation or budget! Don't let your marketing campaign go unnoticed. Draw them in with an exciting promotion designed to give them a reason to notice you. Contest insurance allows you to give away a giant-prize for a fixed fee so you don't break that marketing and promotions budget.

  • Cookie Toss

    A Cookie Toss contest promotion is a fun way to engage your guests.  Allow contestants to try to toss a cookie into a bowl of milk. If someone has the touch to make it there in one piece, Odds On Promotions pays for the grand prize. more»

  • Dice - Cascading Dice Machine

    Get on a roll with Odds On's new Cascading Dice Machine for 1" dice! more»

  • Dice - Rollin' Up Riches

    Rollin Up Riches is a great, multi-round dice roll contest for casino floor promotions and events of all kinds. Use our jumbo sized dice for even more visability and excitement!  more»

  • Dice Roll

    Randomly select contestants to roll a set of custom dice for a chance to win big! more»

  • Direct Mail Promotions and Insurance

    Increase response rates during your next direct mail campaign with a giant insured prize as your call to action. Our A+ Rated direct mail promotion insurance allows you to offer huge prizes just for walking in the door. more»

  • eMail Money Machine

    Collect or update player emails by offering larger than life prizes, courtesy of Odds On, on any of our kiosks. more»

  • Frisbee Toss

    Offer a huge prize, paid for by Odds On, to anyone who can toss a Frisbee through a template opening or the window of a car. more»

  • Guess The Dow

    Allow visitors to try to guess the close of the Dow Jones Industrial Average on a particular day in the future. more»

  • Indoor Bowling

    You can offer up to $50,000 in cash and prizes to any contestant who rolls a strike! more»

  • Indoor Horseshoe Toss

    Offer a huge prize for a ringer. And, if someone rattles the stake, Odds On pays the price. more»

  • Lucky Bands and Tags

    Tagged and banded wildlife can be the start of a great promotion. Tag or band your quarry and release them prior to your event. If one of your lucky participants bags the fish or fowl with the preselected winning tag or band number, we'll hand over a giant prize! more»

  • Lucky Envelope Games

    This is a great promotion which can be adapted to any situation. Give contestants the chance to pick the lucky envelope and win up to $1,000,000 covered by A+ Rated contest prize insurance. In addition to the grand prize, you can insure secondary prizes as well as offer sponsor-donated prizes in the remaining envelopes. more»

  • Lucky Guess Contests

    Allow your customers the chance to submit an entry form guessing the number of jelly beans in the jar (or anything you like), or just a random number within a pre-determined number range. more»

  • Lucky Key Grab

    This is a great promotion which can be adapted to any situation. Qualify finalists for the chance to pick a lucky numbered key and win up to $1,000,000. more»

  • Lucky List

    You provide us with a selection of five to nine products based on your inventory, a particular holiday or any other special event/theme, and we’ll put them in a winning order. If one of your lucky contestants puts all the items in the correct order, they win all the prizes on the list and Odds On picks up the tab. more»

  • Lucky Squares

    Tap into bigger crowds with a giant-prize Lucky Squares football promotion. more»

  • Olive In One

    Allow contestants to try to toss an olive into a Martini glass at the end of the bar and if someone has the touch, Odds On pays for the prize. more»

  • Over Redemption

    When it comes to product trials, coupon offers and other attention-getting promotions, too much of a good thing can cost you a pretty penny!  Let Odds On Promotions eliminate your risk with affordable over-redemption coverage. more»

  • Paper Airplane Toss

    Everyone knows how to make a paper airplane! This contest gives your contestants a chance to toss a paper airplane through a template, car window, etc. to win a giant prize paid for by Odds On. more»

  • Player/Coach Contract Incentive Coverage

    Motivate performance with an incentive worth striving for. more»

  • Prize Plays

    Make any play worth big money! more»

  • Prize Slot

    Our mini slot machine with full sized effects! Bright lights, entertaining sound effects, and 3D video reels give the Prize Slot the promotional power you are looking for at your next event. more»

  • Prize Vault

    This is our most flexible and popular promotion! Regardless of your venue, the prize vault is a guaranteed winner. Advertise the chance to stop by your event, store, game, etc., and let people try to crack the code and WIN. more»

  • Pro Football Challenge

    Odds On Promotions’ Pro Football Challenge is a fun, easy and fully-automated “pick ‘em” style football promotion. Players simply swipe their card, make their picks, and collect a receipt featuring their own weekly picks, prior week’s results and year-to-date standings. more»

  • Pro Hockey Challenge

    Pro Hockey Challenge is a fun, easy and fully-automated “pick ‘em” style hockey promotion. Players simply swipe their card, make their picks, and collect a receipt featuring their own weekly picks, prior week’s results, and year-to-date standings. more»

  • Pull Tabs

    Incentivize customer behaviors and reward them with a custom Pull Tab promotion always within your budget.  more»

  • Putting Contests

    Anyone can make a putt! Give contestants a chance to try their luck at sinking a 50-foot or longer putt for a huge prize. Indoors or out, putting contest insurance will cover the cost when the ball disappears into the cup. more»

  • Return for Riches

    Choose your favorite team and wait for the big play to pay big. more»

  • Scoreboard Payoff

    Give customers and sports fans the chance to win big during any football game with a giant-prize pull tab promotion! more»

  • Scoreboard Payoff (Basketball)

    Give customers and sports fans the chance to win big during basketball season with a giant-prize pull tab promotion! more»

  • Scratch Cards

    Scratch cards are a proven way to drive traffic and increase sales at your store. Customers simply scratch off a predetermined number of surfaces to reveal underlying symbols. When they unveil the correct number of matching symbols, Odds On will be there to pay for the prize. more»

  • Scratch, Match & Win

    Scratch, Match & Win is a fun, effective and affordable promotion for increasing excitement in any sports venue. more»

  • Second Chance Lotto

    Offer customers a second chance to win simply for stopping by your location and registering a previously purchased lottery ticket for a "second chance." Odds On will draw new numbers and write the check when someone has a match. more»

  • Shuffleboard

    Shuffleboard is a great way to mix it up at your next half-time promotion. Odds On will provide all the contest necessities. You can offer up to $50,000 in cash and prizes to any contestant who successfully controls the puck! more»

  • Sports Predictions

    Predictions make great promotions. Anything yet to be determined will work! more»

  • Sports Related Rebate Promotions

    Offer a large rebate on all purchases during your sales event if your local team wins the big game, hits a grand slam, etc. more»

  • Sports Sponsorships

    Sponsoring a giant prize intermission promotion at a local sporting event will not only generate goodwill for your company, but also offer a unique opportunity to present your name and product to a captive audience. more»

  • Video Scratch & Win

    With captivating video and engaging sound effects, these giant-prize Video Scratch & Win games will get your players lining up for the chance to win big! more»

  • VIN/Serial Number Match

    With your advertising, invite people to stop by your location to match their Social Security or Driver's License number to the Vehicle Identification Number of a new car or the Serial Number of a large check. more»

  • Weather Cancellation Insurance

    Odds On Promotions can secure coverage for your event that protects against adverse or abnormal weather conditions that can reduce revenue or increase expense. more»

  • Weather Related Rebate Promotions

    Create a promotion around the weather and watch your sales skyrocket! Run a promotion advertising $1,000 rebates on purchases made during a specific month if it snows on Christmas Day. Or give a year's worth of payments to the first 100 buyers if it reaches 100 degrees on July 4th. The possibilities are endless! more»

  • Wheel Spins

    Wheel spin promotions are a great way to drive traffic to your location while giving contestants the chance up to $1,000,000 with prize insurance from Odds On Promotions! more»

  • Zoom Ball

    Fast paced and action packed, Zoom Ball will have patrons lining up for the chance to win fabulous prizes, and when the Zoom Zone fills up with colored balls, Odds On will foot the bill. We have many different themes to choose from, check it out. more»

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