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Fundraising Promotion Ideas

Don't let your next fundraising campaign go unnoticed. When it comes to giving donors and sponsors an additional incentive to participate in your fundraising campaigns, it's hard to beat the allure of a big prize fundraiser promotion. If you need fundraising promotion ideas, Odds On Promotions will work with you to develop a program that will grab attention, increase participation and generate more donations. The best part is, when you have a winner, Odds On will be there to pay for the prize.



Duck Race

Need a fundraising promotion idea? Add an insured prize to your Duck Race promotion and not only sell more ducks, but quadruple your bottom line! Offer up to $1,000,000 if the preselected duck crosses the finish line first. Split the prize 50/50 with the duck owner and the charity. You can't have a duck race without this promotion!




Lucky Hand Poker Run

Whether on land or sea, Lucky Hand Poker Run is a proven fundraiser! Register contestants and issue a list of five sponsor locations to visit. At sponsors' locations, contestants randomly draw a playing card. After visiting all locations, they proceed to the final stop and enter their five cards into our Verification Computer. If their hand matches the preselected winning hand, Odds On will pay for the prize! Better yet, the computer will also tally the highest hands for easy administration of self-sponsored prizes. Demo Lucky Hand Poker Run.


Lucky Hand Poker Run


Golf Ball Drop

A Golf Ball Drop contest is a great attention-grabbing fundraising promotion idea. Sell sponsorships by placing the person's name on a numbered ball (golf, tennis, ping-pong, any kind of ball). Partner with a local radio or television station for publicity and the use of their traffic helicopter. Drop the balls from the helicopter above a target. If the numbers on the balls closest to the target match a pre-selected list, Odds On Promotions pays for the prize.


Golf Ball Drop



Hole In One Insurance

Add excitement to your next golf tournament by offering attention-getting hole in one prizes without the risk of a payout. Hole in one insurance offered by Odds On's sister-company, Hole In One International, allows you to offer spectacular hole in one prizes, and we'll assume the risk. We offer hole in one insurance for anything with a cash value of up to $1,000,000! Hole In One International also offers putting contest insurance, golf shoot-out coverage and custom event sponsor signs.


Golf Ball Drop



Casting for Cash

Here's the perfect summer fundraising promotion idea! Give your patrons the chance to win an awe-inspiring prize, with Odds On’s Video Scratch & Win game.  This easy to play game will get customers lining up for a chance to unveil six spots on a touchscreen grid. Find all six grand prize symbols, and your customer will walk away with up to $100,000 or more, paid for by Odds On. Keep them coming back for more by awarding up to six secondary prizes, such as bounce-back coupons good for future purchases. Demo Casting for Cash Game.


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State/World Record Fishing Tournaments

Easy, affordable, and eye catching! Give away a life changing prize for breaking a state or world record of your choice. This promotion is guaranteed to get more lines in the water.



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"Contests like these add to the game, giving fans a high-quality event filled with excitement from start to finish. And, it is really valuable to sponsors when there is a winner."

-Justin Forde, Asst. Director of Marketing & Promotions

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