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The Big Draw

Attract new players and keep them on property with Odds On’s lottery-style promotion, The Big Draw. Players swipe their club card at the game kiosk, selecting six lucky numbers on the touchscreen. After making their selections, players are notified of the next drawing time and receive a ticket with their picks. At the designated time, your staff conducts a live drawing to determine the six lucky numbers. If a lucky player has matched all six numbers, they’ll score your grand prize, and Odds On will pick up the tab – up to $1,000,000.

Featured Highlights


Attention-Grabbing Giant Prize - Offer up to $1,000,000 for matching 6 numbers, and a large insured secondary prize for 5 correct.

Easy to Play – Players swipe their card, make their picks, and collect a receipt.

Effective – Place units near your Player’s Club booth, sports bar or sports book and invite customers to play. No staff assistance needed to play.

Efficient – Built-in prize verification software makes awarding self-insured prizes easy.

Flexible – Run your draws hourly, daily or weekly.

Customizable – Game screen and ball-draw equipment can be customized to suit your property and promotion theme.

Affordable – Optional electronic ball draw available.

Risk Free – When you have a winner, Odds On pays for the prize.



The Big Draw Lottery

How This Casino Marketing Idea Works:


Players get one or more free chances a day to swipe their club card and play. Keep them on property by offering additional free plays for time on property or earned  plays for coin-in benchmarks.


Using the touchscreen, players select six lucky numbers. A ticket is printed containing: the player's account information; official picks for the play; valid draw times and prize information.


At the designated times, your staff will conduct live drawings to randomly determine the six winning numbers using the Ball Draw Machine.


Prizes are awarded based on the correct number of picks. Players report to the club booth where staff can enter the ticket number into the Prize Verification Software to verify the win.

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