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Pro Football Challenge Mobile Edition

Drive traffic to your location and collect data with Odds On Promotions’ Pro Football Challenge - Mobile Edition! The PFC mobile app is a fun, easy and fully-automated “pick ‘em” style football promotion. A geo-fencing option requires that players be on-site to make their picks, driving traffic to your location for 17-weeks! Players get the chance to win $10,000 for just downloading the app, $1,000 for a perfect week and $100,000 for scoring 205 correct predictions for the season - all insured by Odds On Promotions.

Pro Football Challenge Mobile App Featured Highlights:

Affordable – Minimal, all-inclusive fee for a 17-week promotion.

Drive Traffic – Geo-location option requires patrons be on-site to play, driving traffic to your location daily for 17 weeks!

Easy to Operate – Simply invite your patrons to play. No staff assistance or kiosk needed. All you do is promote your promotion.

Easy to Play – Players simply download the app, make their picks, and track their standings on the in-app leaderboard.

Risk-Free – Promotion includes a $10,000 insured prize just for downloading the app, a $1,000 insured prize for a perfect week, and a $100,000 insured prize for 205 correct picks throughout the season. No risk to you!


Pick the Pros Mobile Contest
Pick the Pros Mobile Contest Pick the Pros Mobile Contest

Download App: 

Pick the Pros Mobile Contest App
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How Pro Football Challenge Mobile App Works:


Patrons download the Pro Football Challenge app from iTunes or Google play store.


Patrons create an account (building your database) and select your establishment (one time only) to participate.


Players come to your location daily or weekly (your choice), open the app, select the pro football teams they think will win that week and enter the final score of a designated game.


And win! If any patron predicts a perfect week, including the final score, they win $1,000 paid by Odds On. If they continue their streak and predict 205 correct games for the season, they win $100,000, also paid by Odds On!

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