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Lucky List

Looking for a fast, easy and rewarding promotion that will help you showcase your products and services? Look no further than Odds On’s Lucky List contest. You provide us with a selection of five to nine products based on your inventory, a particular holiday or any other special event/theme, and we’ll put them in a winning order. If one of your lucky contestants puts all the items in the correct order, they win all the prizes on the list and Odds On picks up the tab. Also ideal for awarding ancillary prizes based on the number of correct selections.

Lucky List Promotion


Lucky List

Step by Step:


Select a total of five to nine items. Then advertise the chance to win big for putting them in the correct order.


Contestants submit their Lucky List at your designated location. Or, if you want to drive web or social media traffic, collect registrations online.


If your lucky contestant’s list matches ours, they’ll take home all the prizes, and Odds On will cover the cost.


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"This Lucky List promotion was great. The participants thought it was cool, there was lots of interest from the crowd watching the promotion set up, and people thought it was a fun game to play."

-Rob Hogan, Marketing Director, Greater Media Boston

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