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In-Pack/On-Pack Promotions

In-Pack and On-Pack Promotions utilizing PLAY CODES are simple, cost-effective tools that create excitement among consumers, differentiate your brand, drive revenue and rapidly build your consumer database. Simply use in-pack or on-pack advertising to get the word out and invite consumers to your website where they enter their unique CODE, play an instant-win game or enter a sweepstakes, and possibly win a life-changing prize. Insured by Odds On of course!

Pentel On Pack Promotion



Risk Free, Attention-Grabbing Grand Prizes – Offer up to $1,000,000 with our A+ Rated prize coverage.

Ancillary Prizes – In addition to an insured grand prize, offer up to five different ancillary prizes which can be used to drive traffic back to your location or sales on your website!

Flexible Data Collection – Collect the data you want. Email is always required.  First name, last name, address, phone, and up to three custom questions are optional.

Email Communication – Each contestant will automatically receive an email upon registration and an email every time they win a prize.  All can be customized and include coupons, messaging, news, whatever you want!

Drive Daily Traffic – Allow contestants to play once ever or once a day!

Prize Codes – Think of a Prize Code as a key to entry.  No code, no play.  Use Prize Codes to drive traffic to your location, Facebook page, or for forced listening/watching promotions.  Codes can be unique or generic and used once ever, once per day/week, or once per person.

Customizable – Odds On can completely customize a game to fit your brand or use one of our semi-custom stock games to control your costs and be quick to market.

Cost Effective – Your promotional costs are predetermined and fixed!


Step by Step


Contact Odds On Promotions with your objective, and any brand oriented promotion ideas you may have. (Don't worry, we have plenty of ideas to help.)


Use in-pack or on-pack advertising to get the word out and drive consumers to your contest page.


Sit back and watch your brand awareness, revenue, and consumer database increase through the roof!


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