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Head to Head Interactive Game Shows

Our new multi-dimensional electronic game board (giant 80", 50" or 46" screens or handheld tablet!) is guaranteed to excite your patrons and management alike. Run a $1,000,000 Hollywood-style game show on your casino floor with our A+ Rated prize indemnification insurance and get ready for the busiest month of the year. Reward drawing winners and entertain the entire floor with a shot at up to $1,000,000 using one or more of our electronic envelope games. 




8' x 10' e-Game Board
75" Touchscreen

Rock Paperk Scissors



4' x 8' e-Game Board
50" Touchscreen

Rock Paper Scissors Deluxe


8' x 10' e-Game Board
75" Touchscreen

Prize Slot

Step by Step:


Select a game(s) from the options below, an insured grand prize amount, and several self-insured consolation prizes geared for excitement. Or give us a call to help create a custom contest to suit your needs. 


Advertise the chance to win BIG PRIZES at your event!


For true odds games we’ll send you a security envelope for each contestant identifying the winning locations on the electronic game board for that contestant. Have your emcee use the envelope during their contestant interaction to excite the crowd. Let him/her touch it, rub it, etc. because it contains their roadmap to up to $1,000,000!


When your contestant selects the winning combination of electronic game board images, they win the grand prize and Odds On will be there to pay for it!


e-Game Board Image Library


Game Options:

Choose one or more of the following, or give us a call to develop a custom electronic game board promotion to fit your needs and budget.


Pick $X. Win $Y (ex: Pick $1,000. Win $1,000,000.) View Video

Just as the name says, contestants pick 3 electronic images (envelopes) on the game board. If they accumulate $1,000, they win $1,000,000 (or any other amount insured by Odds On's prize insurance). Or, they win what they accumulate. This game is easy to understand and allows you to fix your budget within tight parameters.

Video Scratch & Win View Video

An old favorite!  A virtual scratch card game giving contestants the chance to select 6 locations on the game screen and win fabulous prizes based upon the number of winners selected.  Offer up to 6 different ancilliary prizes and a life changing grand prize paid for by our A+ rated contest insurance.  This is another game that allows you to control your budget to the penny and guarantee winners of every prize available!


Strikeout View Video

Another simple to run and easy to understand game.  Contestants are asked to choose from 20 electronic images displayed on the e-game board.  If they select 10 "winning" images before they select 3 "losing" images (strikes) they will win the insured Grand Prize!  The more "winning" images selected, the better the prize they win.  This game also allows you to control your budget to the penny and guarantee winners at each level!


Rock - Paper - Scissors (2 players head to head)

Yes, same game as we have all played growing up. Two players go head to head in a 2 of 3 or 3 of 5 battle for the chance to win up to $1,000,000! Each round players select Rock, Paper, or Scissors to determine the winner. This great new game is perfectly designed to entertain and reward more patrons during your promotion all while maintaining your budget.


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